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Finding Unity

Written by Rohm

October 7, 2020

by Luke Rohm

Hey Degens, let me drop some basics on you.

We all have different bankrolls. $100 bet to me is different than it is to big bucks Ian. So understanding how much someone likes a bet is ambiguous. This is why we say “units”.

A “unit” is usually between 1-5% of your bankroll. I lean a little closer to 5% since I prefer to re’up rather than let it all sit on the books site. so let’s say you’re playing with a “stack” ($1000). So let’s say your “unit” is $50.

Why does this matter?

If you want to follow some expert picks, a $100 bet is worthless to you knowing how much you should wager. If I say I’m putting 2 units on it you know I’m feeling it.

A unit is what you should feel comfortable betting on any individual bet you like. You can always bet more, but it should be your safety net to not overextend yourself. We’re all degenerates (degens), but you have to have some discipline to stay in the game.

You can also share a relative term to others. “I’m +25 units on the year”. No one wants to say in public that they’re up $1,250. Well make that was more when we were underground, but still don’t be “that guy”. Also saying I’m down 10 units is a lot better than saying I’m down $5,000.

Stay UP.



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