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Have a Degen Account

Written by Rohm

October 7, 2020

by Luke Rohm Degen Account

Now this is paramount. Especially true if you’re married or otherwise attached to another person.

You may or may not have a joint bank account and we can have the pussification of that discussed separately. Now most people have direct deposit for their paychecks I would guess. Which makes this simple.

Create a bank account for betting. There are plenty of free online bank accounts you can setup these days. Some even credit your direct deposit early. This is your degen account. Now you can set up for paperless billing, but surefire way is always to have a PO Box. Probably have a couple alias’ too, but again I don’t know how far along you are yet.

Now you take 10% of you’re paycheck and direct deposit it into this degen account. Especially easy around the new year when merit raises usually take place. Maybe you had to take a pay cut for COVID. Who knows?

This is now you’re money for degenerate activities. Need to take out cash at a sketchy strip club you aren’t really at? Done. Need to pay your bookie? Sure. Hitting an ATM in South Dallas, TX at 4am? Don’t worry about it Eddie Snowden.

Stay UP.



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