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Championship teams are made after your draft

Written by Adam Kurt

October 8, 2020

I have been playing NFL Fantasy Football for money since 2005, and I have never lost money. Now, I play in leagues with prizes for most regular season points, best regular season finish, most points on any given week, and finishing on the podium in the playoffs. Most leagues have cash just related to the title, and let the teams scramble for it. In this COVID season, you need to figure out how to win now, otherwise you will not be able to win later if you do not make the playoffs. Championship teams are not created at the draft, and you need to be playing the waiver wire/signing free agents and actively trying to trade.

Depth – especially with COVID already forcing games to change weeks – is what will bring home the trophy for you. For those monitoring this week, D’Ernest Johnson of the Cleveland Browns or Joshua Kelly of the Los Angeles Chargers would have been the first two to go with Nick Chubb and Austin Ekeler going down with injuries likely to keep them out 4 weeks or more. Do you know who probably got those players? Someone other than the Chubb or Ekeler owner trying to make up points from a previous injury, like Saquon Barkley, Le’Veon Bell, and CMC. Mike Davis has been a stud, and odds are the CMC owner did not get him when he went down. Do you know who should have picked him up? You. If you look at your roster, and you see players like Jordan Howard and Marvin Jones clogging up your bench, move on. Pivot. Championship teams are like Bill Belichick and his RB group: As soon as one piece goes down, another is up to fill their place. Do not hold onto Marvin Jones just because you spent draft capital one him. This is not the NFL, so you are not obligated to keep him. You should have dumped him for Justin Jefferson or Tee Higgins two weeks ago, but maybe you can still package him in a trade if his does well this week.

Sending a trade in fantasy football may be one of my favorite things to do, for two reasons: The first being the obvious anticipation of potentially improving your team, the second being the reaction of the other person if they do not like it. Everyone wants to get the significantly better end of the trade, so negative reactions are part of the game in an effort to drive down value. Stay strong. Teams desperate for starting quality players are willing to move bigger pieces after key injuries. Take this trade which happened in my main league: After week 2, the owner of both Raheem Mostert and Saquon Barkley found themselves looking at Tarik Cohen as the only RB on their roster. He also had DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelce, and Mark Andrews, and several teams make offers to get a larger piece while offering their 3rd and 4th RB options. The trade that went through was DeAndre Hopkins for Kareem Hunt, Malcolm Brown, and A.J. Green. The Barkley owner now had starting RBs he did not have to fight for on the waiver wire, and the other team turned a depth piece long shot in A.J. Green into a superstar, and immediately claimed two more RBs off the waiver wire to fill the missing roster spots. Both sides can win, and injury riddled teams are often the best teams to target because of their desperation.

NFL teams are pretty rigid in their roster composition because they have millions of dollars tied into these players. You do not. Stay active, trade pieces, drop duds, attack the waiver wire, and win now. It will help you get to your championship, and we all know it is about the rings, not about the stats. This is how I always profit off of fantasy football.


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