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Introducing: The Matlack Saturday 3-team Parlay (trademark pending)

Written by Matlack

October 8, 2020

I’ve never considered myself much of a genius. Am I a relatively smart person compared to the creatures clogging up my social media feed with political takes? Sure, I like to think so at least. Last fall however, I really outdid myself. 

On a Saturday morning, while nursing a slight but not dominating hangover, I was taking in the comforting scene of College Gameday on ESPN. Herbstreit’s calm but assertive demeanor, Lee Corso yelling about each take, Desmond Howard providing productive commentary, and Rece Davis managing the personalities with ease – you get the picture. I had seen this show more times than I can count but on this fateful Saturday, while watching the plethora of picks from my heroes, came a big brain idea that can only be attributed to the caffeine spike that my medium Dunkin coffee(black, obviously) provided. Why don’t I do a three team parlay that lasts all day? 

The rules are simple. Choose a spread in the morning, afternoon, and evening games and parlay all three of your picks. Generally this will get you between +560 and +600 odds so if you were to bet $25 you would receive roughly $155, effectively paying for six weekends of fun. Get the picture? 1/6 and the game is free.

2020 Week 4:

What I love.

Florida (-6.5) vs Texas A&M

Florida, currently ranked #4, has shown a dominant offensive attack thus far scoring 44.5 points and average 495 yards per game against two SEC opponents. Although I wouldn’t look too much into A&M’s loss to Bama(who are contenders again) I am looking into the 17 points they scored week one against a very sub par Vanderbilt team. Florida will score and A&M will run out of time, 6.5 is easy.

Pittsburgh vs Boston College (+6)

Pitt was ranked 24th in the country before losing to an unranked NC State team last week on a late touchdown drive. Full transparency, I have never been a Pitt fan but BC has been a tough out this year! BC beat up Duke earlier in the year and are coming off a loss to a top 10 UNC team by 4 points, expect BC to bounce back with a strong performance at home. I am not saying BC will win but 6 points is enough to warrant the pick. 

Notre Dame (-20.5) vs Florida State

I won some money on Notre Dame earlier this year against Duke but this is more about Florida State. What a shitshow. After a get beat by 42 against a strong Miami team they barely got by Jacksonville State(go cocks) who plays in the OVC. What does OVC stand for? Your guess is as good as mine. Take the #5 team in the country and collect free money. 

What I like.

UNC (-5) vs Virginia Tech

Mack Brown has UNC rolling and ranked in the top 10 for the first time since 2015. The Hokies have an impressive 319 yards rushing per game but UNCs rush defense is currently the best in the ACC with only 54 yards allowed on the ground per game. Although UNC had a close call against BC last week I expect them to bounce back and win by over 10. Take the heels. 

Georgia vs Tennessee (+12.5)

Everything in me is telling me to take UGA -12.5. The last time Tennessee beat Georgia was in 2016 when the Volunteers snuck out a close win, since then they haven’t lost by less than 26 points and UGA looks to have a very strong team yet again. Here is the thing though. UGA is coming off a good win against Auburn and got to Tuscaloosa to play Bama next weekend in a rare CBS night game. This SCREAMS trap game so I say take the points. 

Clemson vs Miami(FL) (+14.5)

The only reason this is not on my love list is because I hate Clemson. I hate that team so much. I hate Dabo’s stupid face. I hate how good they are compared to my alma mater and in state rival South Carolina. I hate Trevor Lawrence’s perfect hair. It’s a biased pick to go with Miami but hear me out. Clemson is 0-3 against the spread this year, straight up giving up on Citadel at half time and giving up late points to Virginia and Wake Forest to miss covering. Miami has had decisive wins against Florida State and Louisville and are led by Miami born Manny Dias(that is just good juju). Take the points here and watch Clemson give up a late TD to blow the cover. 

Cold takes.

As a rule, I do not bet on teams that I have rooting interest for. For content purposes however I will throw them in, here are the games I will be staying away from but you may want to check out:

South Carolina (-13.5) vs Vanderbilt

I actually love SC in this game. Although they are 0-2 they have covered the spread in both games against top 25 teams, Vandy played Texas A&M tough but being they have averaged 8.5 points per game this year, it is safe to say that points will be hard to come by. Take the Cocks in a bounce back cover.


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