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The Art of the Fade

Written by fademecasually

October 8, 2020

Since man placed its first wager, the art of the fade has been practiced by all cultures. From early Mayan head soccer to modern day Korean baseball, fades have been the foundation of fortunes. The fade, while simple, requires a few small steps in order to be successful.

Step 1: Find your base bet

The first step in the equation is finding your base bet. A base bet is a ridiculous bet that someone you know has placed. We all have that one degenerate friend who couldn’t find luck if it hit him in the dick, this is a good place to start. I am lucky enough to have a few of these friends so this tends to be the easy for me.

Step 2: Activate trash talk

The next step in the art of the fade is to actively trash talk your buddy’s original bet. This is the most entertaining part of the process as you laugh at your own jokes and point out the flaws in the wager. Remember not to go too far in this step. It is important that your friend maintains some level of confidence in their bets so you can keep fading them in the future.  

Step 3: The Fade

Step three is to take the opposite line from the base bet. This movement is where the tactic gets its name as you are going away (fading) from your friend. Therefore, it is important to pay attention during the first step. You don’t want to fade a good bet, so make sure you find the dumbest one you can.

Step 4: Watch

The final step of the process is to sit back and watch the money roll in. I recommend you watch the game with your base bet buddy. This will make the game much more enjoyable with trash talk flying back and forth like a good ping pong match.

In the end, the most important parts of the fade come in the beginning. It’s pertinent to choose wisely or else you will risk losing. It is also important to look out for counter-fades. These are your friends attempts to fade you, and you must be diligent not to fall into these traps. So, get out there and have some fun fading your friends. As always, good luck and fade me casually.

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