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I Have a Demon in Me

Written by Rohm

October 9, 2020

Let me tell you why you should absolutely not have access to your book account on your phone.

Now some of you may not remember a time when sports betting was illegal or at least frowned upon. Well welcome to the degeneracy.

Some of us may or may not have had monopoly money in for fun before things were more respectable. I mean I’ve been banned from Bovcocka or whatever that site is that used to send your checks from Singapore. Your bank certainly put a 10+ day hold on it too since it was most likely supporting Ian’s offshore politics.

Anyway, there were other sites that would track things for… let’s say less corporate facilitators of fun. Great. We’re back in the game. Problem? We’ve got odds on everything.

Now let me explain what I mean by “everything”. Have you ever bet a Women’s Korean Basketball League 2nd half over under? I have. Do you know how Cricket even works? Well I’ve punched the Royal Challengers of Bangalore +3 before.

How does this happen?

Let’s start with how fun is that? I’m also a moderate drinker with a vindictive pursuit of why the fuck not. Terrified of heights, but still had Bert Kreischer’s exact skydiving experience. Minus Rachael Ray. “It’s your Navy SEAL moment and you’re sitting in a dude’s lap”. Watch it.

My whole point here is if you have the option while your out desoberizing you’re going to do it. Especially if you’re down, but maybe even more if you’re up and think you’re on a heater.

It’s a bad idea, don’t do it. Also who am I to tell you not to shoot your shot? Ian’s white pants yacht party is still on the calendar. Someone might fund your startup.




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