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Why I’m Not Worried About the Dallas Cowboys.

Written by fademecasually

October 15, 2020


The Dallas Cowboys have gotten off to a pretty tough start. Through five games they have three losses and have shown little improvement from week to week. Along with this, their superstar quarterback Dak Prescott is now out for the season with a gruesome ankle injury. The Cowboys defense has also been one of the worst in the NFL giving up an average 36 points to their opponents. Currently, the odds for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl have dropped to +4400. I now believe that this is the NFL’s value bet of the year, and here’s why.  

Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese and the Dallas Cowboys have a few things in common. You either love them or you hate them, and they both have a lot of holes. The Cowboys defense for instance seems to have holes all over the place. With the fourth most rushing yards, and most points given up so far this season, it is safe to say the Hot Boyz are not back. But is this due to talent? Or could it be something else? We must keep in mind that Mike McCarthy is a first-year head coach who had no preseason to implement his style. Injuries have also been a factor in performance. Leighton Vander Esch will return to the roster soon which will provide some much-needed support in the run defense. These variables make me believe the defense will improve. And with 2 of their three losses being by one score, this may be all the Cowboys need to reach that next level.  

The Red Rifle?

MICHAEL AINSWORTH  via Star Telegram

Now if you haven’t heard yet let me be the first to tell you, the Red Rifle is back. That’s right, Andy Dalton will be leading the Cowboys Offense for the rest of the season in place of Dak Prescott. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Prescott is a tremendous talent, and believe he will be back for the Cowboys next season. But honestly, Andy Dalton could be starting for other teams in the league. He was widely touted as the best backup QB in the league before Prescott’s injury, and played pretty good football during his time with the Bengals. Not to mention, he has a lot of experience playing the AFC North and the Cowboys still play the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals. Dalton also showed promise in McCarthy’s system throwing 9-11 and leading the team to a comeback win after Prescott was injured. This year is Dalton’s opportunity to prove he deserves a starting role in the NFL, and I believe he will seize it.

Dumpster Fires

via Twitter

Oh, how I love the NFC East. It’s either the most interesting division in the league, or a bunch of dumpster fire franchises fighting to lose in the first round of the playoffs. The first dumpster fire of the division is the New York Giants. The football giants have been in terrible form having no wins this season. Clearly, they are regretting Danny “Dimes”, and are joining the tank for Lawrence club. Another potential tank for Lawrence contender is the Washington Football team. With a questionable team name and severe lack of talent, I don’t expect much from them this year. These four games should all be wins for the Cowboys. As for the Eagles, they are more formidable and are only half a game back in the division. I expect the Cowboys to split games with their rivals. This means the Cowboys will have at minimum seven wins this season. This means if the Cowboys can manage to win two or three games outside of the division, they have a good chance of making the playoffs.


As we all know, once the playoffs start, the regular season is irrelevant. In the NFL, any team can win on any day. This is why the playoffs are so electric. The Cowboys have not had much success in the playoffs recently only winning one game in the past five years. My theory on this is that it was due to coaching. The Cowboys now have a Coach who has won the Super Bowl. I believe with this kind of leadership; the Cowboys will flourish in the playoffs this year.

In the end, winning the Super Bowl will be a challenge for any team. But with a stacked offense surrounding a veteran quarterback, and a Super Bowl caliber head coach, the future looks bright for the Cowboys. That is why I think they are the best value bet at +4400 to win the Super Bowl.

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