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Matlack Parlay 2: Revenge of the Saban

Written by Matlack

October 16, 2020

2-4 in my first official Matlack parlay blog is not a great look. I wanted to come out of the gates hot, informed, and most importantly financially ahead of where I started, but alas I lost all of my money. In my defense, I didn’t realize A&M would decide COVID was over and have tens of thousands of fans in the stands or that Miami’s QB has the same level of Arm talent as the kid from Little Giants – not the kid who threw the toilet paper, that kid was the second coming of Joe Montana, I’m talking about this kid:

I digress… when looking at the slate this weekend I need to go with a different approach, go with a few outside options and most importantly, leave Clemson out of it, no need to get emotionally involved.

2020 Week 5:

What I love.

West Virginia (-21.5) vs Kansas

Kansas stinks. I mean STINKS. They lost to Coastal in week one and then proceeded to lose back to back games in the Big 12 by an average of 37.5 points. West Virginia beat one of those teams last week and although they haven’t been scoring a massive amount of points this year I expect them to win by a few scores. Take the Mounties. 

NC State (-4.5)  vs Duke

Duke is not a terrible 1-4 team, every game they have played has been relatively close including losses to top 25 teams in Virginia Tech and Notre Dame. I don’t expect a blow out but NC State has been solid this year and are coming off a good win against Virginia. I don’t expect a blow out but I do expect a Wolfpack cover. 

Virginia Tech vs Boston College (+13)

I am taking BC again. Covid has wiped out a number of late games and I am hesitant to bet against FSU after a nice showing against Notre Dame last week. I expect the over to hit for sure but can’t help but think my Eagles strong defense(top 4 in the ACC) will perform again against – IMO – an overrated VT squad. I’m going BC and will attempt to kill a wild turkey this weekend. 

What I like. 

Temple (-13) vs USF

T for Temple U! Universi T! Fight fight fight for the Cherry and the White, for the Cherry and the White we fight fight fight! Gotta love Temple playing at the Linc in Philly this weekend. USF’s only win comes against the Citadel who let up 49 points in the first half and had 1 first down against Clemson, who although is good never dominates like that. Other than that win USF has been mediocre at best and Temple is coming off a tough loss. Expect no mercy in the city of Brotherly love this weekend. 

Ole Miss (-1.5) vs Arkansas

I watched just about the entire Ole Miss/Bama game last weekend and let me say, this offense pops. Bama’s defense is top 3 every year and Ole Miss put up 48 points against them. Arkansas has impressed with a win over a top 25(at the time) Miss St team and playing Auburn tough last week but I can’t in good conscience bet on a team averaging less than 20 points a game against this Ole Miss offense. I’m going with Ole Miss just because I don’t think Arkansas can keep up.

Alabama (-5) vs Georgia

Remember what I said about Clemson? Trevor Lawrence’s stupid hair, Dabo’s stupid face, Orange being an absolutely trash color(outside of Flyers’ orange, Flyers’ orange fucks). Well I feel the same way about Georgia! Everyone keeps saying Georgia Defense this, Georgia defense that. SCREW EM!(that’s a miracle reference folks) Bama all the way baby! Do it for Saban, do it for your state, do it for this blog and the beautiful Matlack parlay. Bama -5 is a lock.

Cold take.

All I have to say is how the shit are the Cocks 3.5 point dogs? This game is so scary that I would stay as far away as you possibly can. What does Vegas know? WHAT DO THEY KNOW?


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