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Larry’s Locks of the Week – NFL Week 6

Written by Larry Von Feitzel

October 18, 2020


I am sorry.  I am SORRY.  I AM…. sorry.  But god damn the Vikings had that game and blew it. Like what the actual FUCK they had the ball in a place that Blair Walsh could have made the kick.  Mattison was millimeters away from the first down.  If Dalvin is in the game he’s getting the first and he’s carrying us straight to the bank.  Thank fully he’s not too banged up and the Falcons are chips.  All said and done, given that the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC it’s a loss I am willing to accept.  Also if you followed my locks last week you still made money.  So the SKOL boat keeps on rowing and we’re still gonna keep beating your bookie’s ass. 

This week’s board is much better than the last week.  We had a little Covid scare with the Falcons, but everything is fine. Lets start off with some THINGS TO CONSIDER: 

  1. The Cardinals and the Cowboys are sus.  I know everyone is high on the cardinals this year but I saw them vent week 3 when they lost to the Lions. And the Cowboys are a complete unknown, they’ve been chilling in cams all day so who knows how they’ll do without Dak 1 week in.
  2. Devante Adams is back.  The Packers have one of the most prolific offenses in the league and have been doing it mostly without one of the best wideouts in the league.  I cant bring myself to bet on them but -1 is pretty good money.
  3. The NFC East is Trash: The WaShInGtOn FoOtBaLl TeAm and the Giants play today so let us gather in prayer for anyone that watches that game.  “Dear God please make the game in the Meadowlands today interesting.  I know that’s asking a lot but there are still some poor souls that are Red- I mean Washington football team fans and Giants fans.  I hope you can find a way to keep the game off the RedZone channel for us just this once.  I’ll even watch the jets game oh lord.  Amen.” 

Now lets make some picks

Jags +3 vs Detroit:  This is a no brainer the Lions stink and the jags have a decent team.  Their offense has been lighting it up.  Don’t over think this one.

Patriots -8 vs Broncos:  Another no brainer.  The Pats are the most slept on team in the NFL and for no good reason.  Cam Newton is good, really good.  Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels are geniuses and they’re gonna beat the breaks off the banged up Broncos

Vikings -4 vs Falcons:  NO BRAINER.  I know I haven’t been perfect with the Vikings this year but they covered last week and will cover this week.  They will beat the ever living breaks off the Falcons this week Dalvin Cook or not.  The Falcons are up there with the jets and Giants with levels of fraudness.

Steelers -3.5 vs Cleveland: Speaking of frauds.  The Browns are the biggest frauds out there.  They were lucky to be 4-1 with Nick Chubb.  They bury the 2 and 3 Cowboys two weeks ago and everyone acts like Baker Mayfield is good now? No. Wrong.  They Stink their Defense stinks, OBJ stinks (literally), and the Steelers will beat the breaks off them.

Ravens -10 at Eagles:  Ok this is a game that all my instincts tell me to not bet.  They tell me if anything to bet the Eagles, but Eagles are one of the biggest roller coasters of a team.  If they’re down they go up if they’re up they go down.  And right know I think they’re in the middle.  They beat the 49ers 2 weeks ago and everyone was like Carson Wentz? Maybe he’s not trash? Well there has been plenty of time for people to forget that conversation, and this game is just close enough to their Thursday night game against the Giants that they’ll put an asterisk on it after the Ravens beat the shit out of them.


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