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FMC’s AstroPicks: Volume II

Written by fademecasually

October 27, 2020

Last week, my debut Astropick went a mediocre 2-1-1. Real Madrid was the reason it failed to pay out because they suffered a defeat to Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions league. I honestly can’t describe how frustrated I was watching this game. From the beginning, Madrid lacked the effort to win a Champions league matchup. Their defense capitulated allowing Shakhtar to score three goals before the halftime whistle. Just to make me suffer more, Madrid decided to score two in the second half to get my hopes up. In the end, Real Madrid lost 2-3 ending volume one’s chances. This week, I refuse to let the odds win. Without further ado, here is this week’s AstroPick.  

Pick 1 – Juventus +1/2 (-130) vs. Barcelona

Wednesday October 28th, Juventus will be taking on Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League. The two titans both achieved victory on matchday one and will be looking to keep their form in this match. Juventus have announced that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be participating, which has made Barcelona slight favorites. I however do not believe this will affect Juventus as negatively as most think. Their identity is a defensive team who thrives on great fullback and midfield play. This will help them against the attacking minded Barcelona, who have not been themselves lately.  I believe this will end in a 1-1 draw and will be taking Juve +1/2 as the first pick this week.

Pick 2 – Carolina Panthers (-140) vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Carolina Panthers come into this Thursday night matchup looking surprisingly good for a team with their star player out. Mike Davis (Gamecock Alumni) has been doing a magnificent job filling in for Christian Mccaffrey who was injured week 2 against Tampa Bay.  As for the Falcons they have been poor as ever. In vintage Falcon form, the Atlanta football team managed to choke away two fourth quarter leads leaving them sitting at 1-5 for the season. This makes me lose confidence in a seemingly talented Falcons team who looked promising at the beginning of the season. This being said, I believe the Panthers will avenge their loss against the Saints with a great performance Thursday night.

Pick 3 – Chelsea (-200) vs. Burnley

The third pick in this week’s AstroPick comes from the Premier League. As an Arsenal fan, it’s never fun to bet on Chelsea. But this week they have a good line against Burnley so I couldn’t resist. After a few weeks of settling in, I believe Chelsea’s new signings are starting to find their way. Kai Havertz is starting to fill the role he was brought in for, and Frank Lampard’s tactics seem to be successful early. With this momentum behind them along with their rivals dropping points, I believe Chelsea will Triumph.

Pick 4 – Steelers +3.5 vs. Ravens

The final prediction in this edition of FMC’s AstroPicks is the Steelers spread against the Ravens. Both teams have been great so far in their 2020 campaigns. The Steelers are sitting atop the division with no losses, while the Ravens are close behind at 5-1. As usual, I believe that this divisional match up will be a close affair. Lamar Jackson is 3-0 against the Steelers and will be looking to stay undefeated. Unfortunately for him, the Steelers have one of the best defenses in the league. I believe this will be too much for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens to cover so I will be taking the Steelers.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of FMC’s AstroPick. As always, good luck and fade me casually!

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