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Tua Time in Miami

Written by Andrew Heidemann

October 29, 2020

It is FINALLY HERE!!! What I have been waiting for since the Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick in 2020 NFL Draft which at this point seems like eons ago. Now, you are probably asking yourself….is this guy a Dolphins fan? Absolutely god damn not, but I root for greatness and my bank account. I believe Tua is going to be the best QB from the 2020 NFL Draft which is saying a lot considering how well Justin Herbert (Chargers QB) and Joe Burrow (Bengals QB) have been playing.

I would SLAM the Dolphins who are getting 4 points as of now against the traveling Los Angeles Rams who just destroyed the fraudulent Chicago Bears 24-10 on Monday Night Football. I could talk your ear off about all the statistics around West Coast teams traveling across country and how they fair against the spread (ATS) or Pick Em…..especially for 12:00pm EST games, but I will save you the time. I truly believe you can find any statistic to back up your argument in sports and that is what makes sports fantastic and for entertaining debates. Now let me reel (pun intended) you in on why you should pick the Dolphins to cover the spread on Sunday.

Source ESPN

The reasons I am picking the Dolphins:

1. Tua Time – He is a better QB than Ryan Fitzpatrick who was inconsistent a lot of the time and you had to flip a coin to see if you were getting Fitzmagic of Fitztragic.

2. Ball Has Energy – The football has energy and that energy is striking hot right into the body of every Miami Dolphins player. They are excited as hell they finally will have a QB who can lead this team to the playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl. They never felt that energy with Fitzpatrick.

3. Rams Inconsistency – The Rams are 1-2 against teams with winning records and have not looked great against teams with an IQ above 50 (Yes, take offense NFC East teams). The Rams 4 wins outside of the victory Monday Night against the Bears ALL COME FROM THE NFC EAST. That division is trash, lite on fire, covered in shit.

4. Turnover Battle – The team that wins the turnover battle usually wins the game. These stats can be easily found but +1 TO (68%), +2 TO (81%), +3 TO (89%), +4 or more TO (95%) to win the game. I believe Dolphins will win the turnover battle in this game.

Above, are the four reasons I see being the difference of why the Dolphins and Tua will get his first win as a starting QB in this league. Also, to sprinkle some cherry on top, Miami is coming off a bye week which means Tua had 2 weeks to prepare for this game against the Rams. LOCK IT IN FOLKS DOLPHINS +4 at HOME. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!

If you want to hear more go check out my podcast below where my best friend and I predict and analyze the games every week. We release episodes every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


  1. Elycia

    Good points Dan! As a Cowboy’s fan, can’t take offense to your NFC East shot. It is a pretty rank division. The Cowboy’s are truly testing me as a fan this year.

    • danerwin12

      Thanks for the comment Elycia! Yeah, that Dak injury was the beginning of the end, and the injuries have only continued to pile on for the Cowboys unfortunately.


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