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The Storied Career of Anderson “The Spider” Silva

Written by Casimir Moninghoff

October 30, 2020

In a surprising development to me, tomorrow night is Anderson Silva’s final fight in the UFC. He will face Uriah Hall in a five round main event. According to ESPN, Silva is a +200 underdog and Hall is a -240 favorite. However, both fighters have not fought in well over a year, and Silva has not won a fight in three years. That all will be thrown out the window, and in my opinion, I will also not be paying too much attention the stats for each fighter in deciding a winner. I am going to pick Silva based solely on the fact that this is his last fight. He will be leaving it all in the Octagon, and I do not think he will be stopped at all. He will either win by KO or submission or this fight will go all five rounds. Lets take a look at the storied career of “The Spider”.

Silva started in the UFC at a Fight Night with a first round KO, and began his UFC career with a massive win streak and was 16-0, which is still a UFC Record. This included two wins over Chael Sonnen by submission and KO, and a win over Vitor Belfort by KO. It also included a 7 year title reign, which is easily the longest title reign in UFC history. He held the Middleweight Championship for 2,457 days from 2006-2013 when Chris Weidman defeated him. Unfortunately, one of Silva’s worst moments was in his rematch with Weidman, he broke his leg in a video that was shared around the world. It threw a hurdle into his career that he would have to overcome. However, that would not happen right away. Silva faced Nick Diaz and won the fight before it was found that Silva had tested positive for Drostanolone, which is a banned substance in the UFC.

Despite the difficult times, Silva recovered and last won a fight against Derek Brunson in 2017 at UFC 208. Silva has multiple other UFC records to go with the ones we have already mentioned and it is quite an impressive list:

  1. The most Middleweight title fights (13)
  2. The most wins in Middleweight title fights (11)
  3. The most consecutive Middleweight title defenses (10)
  4. The second most consecutive UFC title defenses (10)
  5. The most successful Middleweight title defenses (10)
  6. The most finishes in Middleweight history (11)
  7. The most finishes in UFC title fights (9)
  8. The most knockdowns in UFC history (18)
  9. The most knockdowns in UFC title fights (10)
  10. The most knockouts in UFC title fights (7)
  11. The second most finishes in UFC history (14)
  12. The most KO/TKO wins in UFC History (11)
  13. The most KO/TKO wins in Middleweight history (8)
  14. The longest win streak in Middleweight history (13)
  15. The most knockdowns landed in Middleweight history (13)

He has a career record of 34-10, with 26 of those fights being stopped by KO (22) or submission (4). He has fought with the best in the business, and is one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, and easily the best Middleweight fighter of all time. Anderson Silva is going to be in the UFC Hall of Fame, and I do believe that he will end his UFC career the way it began, with a win on a Fight Night!

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