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Undervalued Picks for NFL Week 8

Written by Johnny Walks

October 30, 2020


These are my 4 undervalued picks of week 8. All lines are according to Draft Kings and subject to change.

Number 1: Bills (-3.5) Spread vs. Pats

Absolute no brainer here. The Pats are awful, it’s a fact. Cam had NEGATIVE fantasy points and got benched and the backup, Stidham, is awful too. They don’t have a run game at all and the defense lets up more than 23 pp/g. The Bills anyways are a solid all-around good team, nothing amazing but easily a better overall team. The Bills have notable wins against the Fins, Raiders, and the Rams. They are underrated as a team. Take the spread EASY MONEY.

Number 2: Lions vs. Colts Under (50)

Everyone is high on Mathew Stafford coming into week 8 against the Colts because of his performance in week 7 against Atlanta. Yes, he did throw for 340 yards but only had a completion rate of 60% and one TD. 340 yards is a lot but when you take into account how bad the Falcons defense is it makes sense. The Falcons according to ESPN have the second-worst defense and let up over 330 yards a game on average. In week 8 Stafford and the Lions face the second-best defense in the league, The Colts who let up under 200 yards a game passing. As for Colts offense, they do put up on average 26 pp/g but the teams they’ve played have had bad defenses, (Jags, Vikings, Jets, Browns, Bengals, and Bears). The under is 50! I hate taking the under because a great man once said, “The under is soft” but some exceptions must be made. SMASH THE UNDER!

Number 3: Raiders (+2.5) Spread vs. Browns

The Browns are frauds. Absolute Frauds. They only win against bad teams and when they face decent teams they are awful. How many points did they score against the Ravens? Only 6. Against the Steelers? Only 7. Let me reiterate, they are frauds. In addition to the bad losses, they have to go without their leading receiver, OBJ. Oh yea, the other star receiver for the Browns, Jarvis Landry HAS A BROKEN RIB. It says he’s healthy on his fantasy profile but there’s no way he’s 100% come Sunday. As for the Raiders, they are extremely underrated. They did have a few tough losses like Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and New England. The Raiders also have great wins such as the Panther, Saints, and Chiefs. They exploit bad defenses and the Browns haven’t been playing well on that side of the ball (21st in the league via ESPN). Bet the Raiders spread at +2.5 this Sunday.

Number 4: Fins vs Rams Over (46)

The total for this game is an astonishing 46 points. I have no idea how they came up with this number. Did DraftKings not watch the Monday night game? The Rams scored 24 on one of the most dominant defenses in the league (The Bears). I can promise you the Dolphins defense does not compare well to that of the mighty Bears. This season Miami has led up 18 pp/g on defense which at first may not seem like a lot but you need to look at who they’ve played. When you factor out the Jags and Jets games because they are both terrible, you get an average scored on the rate of 25 ppg. This includes the 49ers, Seahawks, Pats, and Bills games. The rate of 18 doesn’t adequately reflect how mediocre at best this defense is and that is coming from a Fins fan myself. Now looking at the Ram’s defense it’s much of the same. When they play somewhat good offenses they let up huge numbers like when the Bills scored 35 points on them.

To conclude, make some money this weekend, use those picks above to help! Week 8 is going to be great so get excited, (except if you’re a Browns fan). Frauds! Forever and ever, Go Fins!

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