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What is Tanking: Why the Vikings are Going to the Playoffs

Written by Larry Von Feitzel

November 1, 2020


Oh my god.  The Vikings actually beat the packers in Lambeau.  With this horrendous defense showing up and putting Rodgers in the dirt.  Preventing another Rodgers Hail Mary.  That was a game we should have squandered.  We should have lost that game really.  A completely depleted secondary, Rodgers had the ball with plenty of time, In Lambeau.  This win means the Vikings tank is officially off and we are shooting for the playoffs baby. 

Decently Easy Schedule:  The Vikings still have a lot of wins left on the schedule.  We haven’t played the Lions or Bears yet so that’s like 3 wins there maybe 4.  The Cowboys, Panthers and Jags are easy Ws.  They stink and they’re all at home.  The only loss that is guaranteed is to the Bucs but that is later in the year.  If we can play good defense ,we can get to Tom Brady, and we can make him make bad decisions.  The pinnacle game of the year is going to be the Saints.  They are having a bad year.  Michael Thomas has been MIA and so has their secondary.  Their front 7 is still decent but not better than Top Chef Dalvin Cook.  Don’t forget that the Vikings live rent free in the Saint’s head so they’re bound to squander that game.  So Worst case scenario we go 9-7 and best case we go 11-5.  With 3 wild card teams, I’m smelling playoffs. 

Replacement for Kirk:  Don’t let your eyes deceive you, Kirk still can’t get it done.  We need a new quarter back and we have to get one on a rookie deal.  So the draft is the easiest answer, but if we’re going to the playoffs the outlook isn’t good.  We’re gonna be looking at a bottom first round talent.  I still like the idea of Zach Wilson a lot, Kyle Trask wouldn’t be bad, and Sam Ehlinger would be less than ideal.  The biggest problem with this draft class is that college football is a mess this year.  The conferences delaying games is bound to lead to a shit show.  There is plenty of room for squandering in the draft.  Hopefully Justin Fields will drop because of the Big 10 being pussies, but I’m not optimistic. 

If it comes to it I think the Vikings need to trade for a recently drafted QB.  I’m eyeing up Sam Darnold.  We could get great value for him and he is the one bright spot on a terrible Jets team.  The best piece we have to offer is Harris.  Personally I’d rather the Vikings keep him but we definitely can’t pay him.  Daniel Jones might be a good option too but he’s probably not on the market.  The Jags are definitely going to move off Gardner and he’s decent.

The most important thing this year is to get our young guys reps.  We drafted 15 players last year the most in the league.  With all this rona nonsense the 2021 class is going to be compromised.  Knowing Spielman we won’t fuck it up but who knows.  We need a mobile QB that can slide into our roster without a major cap hit.  That eliminates basically all journeymen so a rookie is our only hope.  We need to take advantage of this opportunity and go on the Super Bowl run we deserve. 


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