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The Chase

Written by Rohm

November 6, 2020

How’d we get here?

Well we all do. It’s fine. Jimmy “The Greek”, Stuey Unger, everyone. Let’s face it. You aren’t them and you won’t be.

Chasing your losses.

Maybe you’re drunk, maybe you’re pissed, maybe you just don’t think you can be wrong this many times. Doesn’t matter who’s telling you no or why you’re making your money back on the next one.

This is why limits on bank accounts work even though you hate them at the time. Step up restrictions for yourself. You’re “on tilt” and you should know it. You don’t care. So stop yourself ahead of time.

Now I will say. Back when Party Poker and Poker Stars were a thing in early 2003 I did turn a $1.50 into a couple hundred playing 6 tables. Later on in that 30 pack of Busch Light it was back to zero though.

Roulette’s hit red the last 12 times, it’s got to be Black this time. Even though you know that’s not how the math works.
The Cowboys have to cover the 13 1/2 this weekend. Well I just hate the Cowboys so that’s not fair and will probably hit.

The point here is at some point you’re going to “chase”. All we can do is set up barriers to stop you from yourself.
You should have a separate degenerate account. This account should have a limit on your withdrawal.

Use the buddy system. Make sure your degen compadre knows when you should get cut off. I mean they should know the real limit. We all know when you should stop and when you REALLY need to stop. I mean you’re an animal, but this is your best shot.




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