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Shotgun Bet 2: The Sequel

Written by Andrew Heidemann

November 7, 2020

As you all know, Ian recently lost a bet with me. That’s right, he had to shotgun a beer last week at 8 am on a Monday. It looked awful and if you want to see more of that you can check that out here. I was feeling pretty good about betting at the time and was flying high. However, 3 days ago I fucked up, and I mean royaly fucked up. As I sat there listening to Ian go on and on about another guys parlay, he mentioned that the Ravens/Colts game was in there. Barely listening, I kept doing what I was doing. After it finally clicked in my brain, he said that this guy had the Ravens at +10.5… He had my interest. I very quickly jumped on this and said that I would for sure take the Colts then. Yeah, you read that right. I just jumped to take the Colts -10.5 against the Ravens. Yeah…

Image via stampedeblue

Now, every bettor has done this. They’ve heard a bet that they think is so good that they don’t see anything else. They can only think of the possible profit they are about to walk into. That’s all I saw. An opportunity. Now, you’ve got to be sitting here reading this thinking I am an idiot. I’m here to tell you you’re right. I had a brain malfunction. What I thought I was taking was Colts +10.5. But before I realized it, it was too late. The deed had been done and I was on the hook for another shotgun bet. Wish me luck folks, I’m gona fucking need it.

P.S. Hammer the Colts at +10.5. Fucking great odds baby.

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