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The Tom Brady level Parlay

Written by Johnny Walks

November 7, 2020


Let’s get into the Goat Parlay shall we…

  1. Chiefs ML vs. Panthers (-500): the storyline this week for the Panthers is Christian McCaffrey making his return. The interim back for CMC has been Mike Davis, and this year has rushed for 70 yards on 16.8 carries per game. They didn’t abandon the run; thus, the offense won’t change tremendously with McCaffrey’s return. The Chiefs will keep rolling on offense, putting up huge numbers. On defense, Teddy Bridgewater will struggle, and the D line will hold CMC to under 100 yards. The Cheifs will get the win advancing to 8-1.
  2. Pittsburgh ML @ Dallas (-1000): I feel bad for Andy Dalton and anyone who watches this game. This pick adds 22 points to the Parlay, so why not. Nuff said.
  3. Buccaneers ML vs. Saints (-220): The Buccs are looking great, sitting 1st in the NFC South (6-2). Tom Brady has proven himself to remain one of the best in the game. Not that Tom Brady needed another one, but Antonio Brown is just another weapon in this Tampa receiving arsenal. The Buccs defense match up great against the Saints. In their last meeting, Michael Thomas was shut down with only 17 yards on 3 receptions. Tampa Bay’s D line is BAD NEWS BEARS for Alvin Kamara, only letting up 70 yards a game rushing (2nd). Pressure on Drew Brees and his limited throwing capability (shoulder injury), Michael Thomas won’t play well, and Alvin Kamara will be held to few rushing yards. Buccs will score often, unlike the Saints.
  4. Pats ML @ Jets (-375): The Jets are awful and without a win, people are betting they don’t win a single game. Whether they are tanking for Trevor Lawrence or just really bad, it doesn’t matter because they will lose against New England either way. The offense is awful, and the defense will be torched by Cam Newton as he tries to prove himself. The Jets might not even score. Pats all day.
  5. Texans ML @ Jags (-305): Much like the Jets, The Jaguars haven’t been able to do anything right. The run game led by James Robinson is about the only going for the offense as Minshew can’t play. Although the Texan’s 1-6 record doesn’t look very good, they have been within 1 score against Pittsburg, Tennessee, and Minnesota. The Texans are better than their record indicates and will win a second time this year versus the Jags.
  6. Titans ML vs. Chicago (-265): Tennessee lost a heart breaker 24 to 27 to the Steelers and couldn’t bounce back against the Bengals. They will bounce back this week, though, in Chicago. Derrick Henry will play well against the Bears D line who let up over 120 yards a game on the ground. Ryan Tannehill has a great passing attack this week averaging 251 yards a game. All together, this offense scores efficiently (29 pp/g) and look for that to continue. As for the Bears, their offense hasn’t played well and ranked 29th in the league. Not much will change as the Titan’s Defense will punish Nick Foles.

To conclude, I am really excited about this Parlay. Sure the majority of these games will be blowouts but that’s the beauty of parlays. You combine blowouts to make a better ratio of money. The final parlay odd you get is +349. Bet $5 to win $22.


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