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Matlack Parlay 6: The Half Point Bet Prince

Written by Matlack

November 13, 2020

It is well documented that last week didn’t go so well for your boy. A .5 point loss was the worst case scenario but after my expose on the night I feel rejuvenated, ready to take on this weekend. The bad news, I am not the only one looking to bounce back. COVID, after being kept relatively quiet for the first 7 weeks of the season, is dominating college football. 15(!) games have been postponed/cancelled, knocking out a few games I liked including my redemption with Coastal Carolina as they were 11 point favorites against Troy. There are still some great options for gamblers, below are my picks:

2020 Week 8: 

What I love

Penn St (-3) vs Nebraska 

I watched the entire game when Penn St played Ohio State a few weeks ago. The Buckeyes were clearly the better team but it wasn’t a bloodbath and I thought all things considered, in an empty stadium, Penn St played well. The same cannot be said for Nebraska’s game against OSU and although I like Scott Frost I cannot imagine Penn St goes 0-4. Clifford is a great duel threat QB and I expect a cover from the Nittany Lions.

Baylor (-1.5) vs Texas Tech

I won some money on Baylor last week after they covered a 14.5 point spread against Iowa State, who I believe to be very overrated. Beyond my lack of confidence in ISU, Baylor has played every team tough this year including an overtime loss to a strong WVU team. Texas Tech beat that same West Virginia team this year but is currently letting up 476 yards and 40 points per game. A defense that bad is not a team I will bet on and as a matter of fact guarantees I will bet against them. 

Florida vs Arkansas (+17.5)

Florida looked very good last week against an injury ridden Georgia team and although I think Florida is the team to beat in the SEC south I will not bet against Arkansas. The Razorbacks are 6-0 against this spread this year beating Tennessee last week and playing a top 10 rated Texas A&M team tough the week before. I didn’t love much when it came to the late games but with that half point, I am taking Arkansas to cover.

What I like

Rutgers (-5.5) vs Illinois

Words I never thought I would say, let alone type, I like Rutgers football! Growing up in New Jersey, Rutgers had some decent years in the Big East and even contended for a few titles but since their move to the Big 10 they have been getting the crap kicked out of them on a week to week basis. Not this year! Rutgers beat Michigan State in the first week back and covered against Indiana and Ohio State. This is a homer pick but I am going with Rutgers.

Georgia Southern (-10.5) vs Texas St. 

Buy this down to 9.5 or 10 (no need to lose a bet by .5 again) but this is pretty simple. Texas St is 1-8 and gives up 475 yards per game against their opponents. Georgia Southern beat Troy and Southern Alabama – both are tough outs in the Sun Belt – in the past two weeks and it would be hard to imagine a team as bad as Texas State will keep up.

Wisconsin (-4.5) vs Michigan

Wisconsin looked really good in their opening game against Illinois, especially their Freshman quarterback Graham Mertz. The kid showed composure and was throwing the ball unlike any Wisconsin QB I can remember since Russell Wilson. If he plays, which it looks like he will, take Wisconsin simply because they are the better football team.


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