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FMC’s Golden lineup: The Chase for $100,000

Written by fademecasually

November 14, 2020

Draft Kings is one of the best daily fantasy football sites out there. With clear cut instructions and big-time payouts, it has become my favorite place to win big cash. This week Draft Kings is having a 1.3-million-dollar payout game for the NFL and the lineup I am about to show you will win it all!

But before we get too far into things, let me explain the way these contest work to all you DFS beginners out there. The specific game style for this competition is called a classic game. In the beginning you start out with $50,000 dollars to pick a team of nine players. Players who are projected to do better are worth more, so you will most likely have to find some diamonds in the rough to be successful. After this, the rest is easy, you just have to sit back, crack open a beer, and watch your team rake in the fantasy points.

Via My draftkings account

Now that we have all the rules explained let’s hop right into it! My pick for quarterback this week is Josh Allen ($7,500) for the Buffalo Bills. Arizona’s pass defense has looked shaky all season falling to the rank of 27th in the league. Allen is also in the middle of a career best year averaging a 107.2 QBR and 19 touchdowns so far this season. I believe Allen will have a huge day Sunday and believe his price is a steal


Moving on let’s get to the meat of the lineup, the running backs. My RB1 this week is Kareem Hunt ($6,700) against the Texans. First off, the Texans run defense is probably the worst in the league. (and that is saying a lot coming from a Cowboys fan) After ten weeks of play they are 2nd to last in the league in run defense giving up over 1200 yards and eleven touchdowns. So expect a huge week from Hunt who has already gained more carries due to injuries in the Browns backfield. My RB2 for this week is Miles Sanders ($6,400) against the Giants. Now we all know the NFC East is a gigantic dumpster fire right now, so why not capitalize? Sanders, who is coming back from injury this week, will look to return to his role as the Eagle’s best offensive weapon. And with Carson Wentz throwing worse than ever, I expect the Eagles to rely on his heavily this weekend.

Next on the docket are the wide receivers. Now my first WR is a pretty risky pick in Travis Fulgham ($6,400). This man has been averaging almost twenty points a game but has been very hit or miss. This is due to Carson Wentz inability to throw the ball well consistently. But I have faith in anyone who is playing against the Giants so we will wait and see if this gamble pays off. My WR2 this week is Will Fuller V ($6,700) against the Browns. Now, the Texans defense may be terrible, but their offense has been flying! And with Fuller being the most targeted WR on the team, $6,400 is a steel for him. My WR3 this week is Curtis Samuel ($4,900) against the Bucs. Curtis Samuel has been going OFF recently with more than 90 fantasy points in the past three weeks. I believe Draft Kings has not caught up with his production and have his salary way too low. This is my steel of the week and if you decide to tail any of these you should do this one.

My TE this week is Eric Ebron ($4,400) against the Bengals. With Kelce and Kittle not playing this week the TE position is kind of boring. I’m going with Ebron because the Bengals have given up the 2nd most points to TEs this year. His salary is also relatively cheap for his possible production so I’m rolling with the big man this week.  

Finally, my last player position is the flex and this week I chose Henry Ruggs III ($4,500). While he has lacked in production most of this year, I believe you are getting what you pay for with Ruggs. The Denver defense is mid-table when it come to defending the pass, but their offense has problems staying on the field. I believe this will lead to an increased number of targets to Ruggs this week due to more overall offensive snaps. Who knows? Maybe he will end up having his best game of the season. I know that’s what I’m banking on.

Last and least expensive, my defense this week is the Raiders against the Broncos. As I mentioned earlier the Broncos offense is pretty shit so I’m putting my confidence in Grudens D. Plus it’s also never a bad idea to bet on Vegas.

On that note wish me luck! I would really love to brag about winning one hundred thousand dollars on Draft Kings this weekend. As always, good luck and fade me casually!  

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