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It’s Not the Worst Thing in The World: Parlays

Written by fademecasually

November 15, 2020

Have you ever had a three-team hitter that you never thought could miss? I have… Have you ever been inches from hitting a five-team slammer to break even on the week? I have… Who has stayed up until 3:00 AM to watch the last leg of your two team Korean baseball banger get busted? I have. At the time I was really upset. But in hindsight, it wasn’t as bad a tragedy as I once believed. While missing the last leg of your parlay is painful, it’s not the worst thing in the gambling world.

At Least You Got Some Correct

I already know what you’re thinking, “I don’t care if I got some correct, I still lost money”. I understand , but getting some of the picks is better than getting none right? At least you are showing progress towards hitting it big. If this is happening regularly, then I would recommend straight betting you parlay legs for a few weeks until you work out the kinks. That way you can have some insurance in case one of your legs misses.

At Least You Got to Have Fun in The Beginning

As we all know, the most important thing about gambling is winning money. That is part of the reason why losing the last leg is so devastating. Another very important aspect of gambling is fun. Nothing makes you pull for a team you know nothing about like money. But when you get further into your degenerate career, you realize putting money on a game makes it more entertaining to watch. This is the bright side of losing on the last leg because at least you got to have fun watching your first legs win. And hopefully, the last game of your ticket was close so you got to enjoy it.

What to Do If You Actually Can’t Win

There are some people in the world whom I consider “Cursed Gamblers”. Now I could explain all the details of this species, but I will save that for another article. For this article you just need to know that they can’t hit a bet to save their life. If you are one of these people, this is how you can break your parlay curse. Follow B3Tsports’ content creators on twitter. They release one hundred percent immortal locks daily and want to help you beat the bookie. Another piece of advice I could offer you it to try teasers. This is a good way to lay money on multiple games with enhanced spreads. That way you can still lay money on multiple games, but with better odds. As always, good luck and fade me casually.

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