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Sniper Gang: The Ultimate Sunday Night Draft Kings Lineup

Written by fademecasually

November 15, 2020

This Week’s Sunday night matchup is set to take place in New England with the Ravens taking on the Patriots. The Patriots have been in terrible form coming in with a record of 3-5. Cam Newton has struggled with his new team and will be looking to make a statement in primetime. On the other side of the field, Lamar Jackson is looking to pick up his seventh win this season on his quest to clinch the division. Who will be successful? Who will win the glory? Who will win me $3,000 on draft kings?

The Game Mode

The type of game mode I will be playing in this game is called Showdown Captain Mode. In this game mode, you can choose your fantasy lineup for just one game. All the positions are flexible, and you select one player to be your captain. Your captain accrues points at a faster rate than anyone else on your roster, so choose wisely! As usual, you have $50,000 to select you best lineup, so let’s get started!

My picks

If I’m being honest, I have been begging for a Patriots collapse for years. So, the fact that my prayers are being answered is golden. I am taking almost all Ravens players in this matchup. Starting at quarterback I am taking Lamar Jackson ($18,600). He has been getting some disrespect in media circles over the past week which should motivate him to perform. I am a huge fan of bounce back games in general so anytime a player gets called, out I am willing to give them a chance. Moving on the one Patriot’s player I have tonight is Rex Burkhead ($6,800). I believe that Cam Newton is not the same player he used to be. Now while this is sad, I am still going to capitalize. The only things this man can do are run, hand the ball off, and throw screens. This points to their running backs having a good game, especially against an average run defense like the Ravens.

By Clifton Brown via Ravens

 Speaking of the Ravens defense ($5,400) I will be taking them too. As I mentioned above, I have zero faith in Cam Newton. Well… I do have faith in him to throw interceptions. That is why I think the Ravens defense is worth every penny of their value. The next two players in my lineup are both Ravens wide receivers. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown ($10,000) is a steal in this matchup. One of the things that I noticed this week was Lamar Jackson saying, “defenses know what we are going to do before we snap the ball”. The reason this is relevant to Brown is because his targets plummeted to a career low last week. In fact, this season has not be as good as Brown’s last. That means if the Ravens want to change up their offense too be less predictable, they could target Brown more. I expect this will happen and that brown will finish with career high number against the Patriots. My other wide out from the Ravens is Willie Snead IV ($5,000). I have always thought Snead was a grinder. He is always forgotten about until he pops into an important moment and makes a play. I believe Snead will steal a touchdown in this game to justify his price tag.

My final pick for this game is the one, the only, Justin Tucker ($3,800). This guy is the man! All of the Ravens fans I know call him the G.O.A.T and I can see why. He is averaging over ten fantasy points a game making him an easy buy for his cheap price. I hope you enjoyed this lineup and as always, good luck and fade me casually!

Cover image by Garret Downing Via Baltimore Ravens

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