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Matlack Parlay 7: Stairway to +11(00)

Written by Matlack

November 20, 2020

Week 8 of the 2020 College football season has a little bit of everything for college football fans. 

We have three top 25 matchups, 14 games cancelled, and Trevor Lawrence’s return after being sidelined with COVID-19 for the past few weeks. The big problem for me is there are a lot of lines that are making go against what I believe. 

What do I believe? 

I believe Clemson can’t cover, I believe Ohio State covers against good teams, I believe Rutgers might be halfway decent at football this year, I believe Florida is currently overrated. The list goes on and on but there are very few games I “love” this week and more so a handful of intriguing matchups that will have my attention. 

2020 Week 8:

What I love:

Clemson vs Florida State (+35.5)

I just changed my blog. Here I was, going to write a short paragraph about “Trevor Lawrence is back”, “The team will be fired up”, “Florida State lost to Pitt and Louisville by 20+ points”. Fuck it. I am taking the points and standing my ground. This is a principal take and I dare Clemson to win by more than 5 touchdowns. Go. Noles. 

Cincinnati (-6) vs UCF

What is with Cincinnati not getting any love. Right now ESPN’s matchup predictor has UCF at a 56% chance of victory because of stats or something? Cincinnati is coming off a strong performance against ECU and have been dominating teams in the AAC all year. I will give it to UCF, they average 619 yards per game in total offense which is impressive and have always been a cute team to root for being they think they’ve won a national championship but they are not on the same level as the Bearcats. Screw offensive stats, take the tough nose team that wins week in and week out.

Auburn (-10) vs Tennessee

Tennessee has been a huge disappointment this year. Coming into the season they were ranked #13 and have since lost 5 of 7 including an embarrassing loss to an average Kentucky team. Auburn on the other hand has been bouncing back from two losses with a very impressive beatdown of LSU and a team win against Ole Miss. This is more about how little I like Tennessee so I am going with Auburn.

What I like:

Ohio State vs Indiana (+20.5)

This is weird for me because I really like Ohio State. Justin Fields might be the best QB in the country(suck it Trevor) and they covered against Penn State which was one of my biggest wins of the season thus far. The problem is Indiana is a good football team, they might not be as good as OSU but 20.5 seems like a bit much, especially when you consider Penn State was 11.5. I have Ohio State winning by 17 points and giving Indiana the cover.

Cal vs Oregon State (+3)

Cal straight up sucked last week against UCLA on offense. They scored 10 points and had 176 yards gained, mind you this is a small sample size but this team looks to be in for a rough year. Oregon State has lost back to back games against Washington and Washington State but both games were competitive, I would know, I had the over when they played Washington and lost it because neither team COULD SCORE A DAMN TD IN THE SECOND HALF. I digress. Cal isn’t that good, Oregon State should keep it close and at the very least cover. 

NC State vs Liberty (+4.5)

Not a lot of love for Hugh Freeze and the 8-0 Flames! This team has beat Virginia Tech and Syracuse in their ACC games and beat Western Carolina by 34 points last week(WCU is not a good team but good to see them show up and play hard). NC State is a decent football team and they have had some good wins this year against Virginia, Duke and Wake Forest. The only thing is they also lost to the same Virginia Tech team by 21 that Liberty beat two weeks ago and their defense gives up 456 yards per game – if you can’t play defense you can’t win, take Liberty. 


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