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Matlack Parlay 8: Book of Mormon Football

Written by Matlack

December 4, 2020

Hand up. I took off from gambling last weekend. I know, I know, I should have still taken some minimal action while full horizontal following two days of aggressive turkey eating but I didn’t. That’s on me. The good news is that last week was a shit show anyway; Penn State beat Michigan, Michigan State beat Northwestern(I would have bet on NW) and Clemson somehow covered a large spread. Safe to say I would have gone a cool 2/6 and spent the rest of the weekend sulking. 

This weekend is a different story. There are a lot of fun matchups and a lot of games I feel pretty confident about, well confident to spend my hard earned money on multiple parlays.

2020 Week 14:

What I love 

Ohio State (-24) vs Michigan State

What the hell is this Michigan State team? They have beat Michigan and Northwestern while getting blanked by Indiana and losing to Rutgers and are possibly the streakiest team in football. I don’t know anything about this team but what we do know is simple. Ohio State covers. They take streaky teams and make a mockery of them while Justin Fields goes 27/28 with 340 passing yards. I trust Ohio State so I’m taking them.

Wisconsin vs Indiana (+14)

Where is the love for Indiana? Although in recent years .500 has been a success, they have looked really good this year! They’ve beat Michigan, Michigan State, and a scrappy Maryland team while their only loss is to Ohio State, one of the best teams in the country. Wisconsin has only played three games this year but the last time they played they laid an egg against Northwestern who got exposed by a weird Michigan State team. I don’t have a ton of stats to back this up outside of what I’ve seen from Indiana and they will cover. 

Oregon (-9) vs California

Oregon lost to Oregon State last week removing any chance that they had of going to the college football playoff but otherwise have played some good football. They beat Washington State by two touchdowns and took care of business against Stanford in the first game they played. Cal is 0-3, only averaging 335 yards per game(Oregon averages 491) and lost to UCLA by 24(who lost to Oregon). 9 is easy. 

What I like

Texas A&M (-6.5) vs Auburn

I watched Auburn lose to South Carolina earlier this year and haven’t trusted them since. Their last two wins have come against Tennessee and LSU which are both overrated teams compared to what they have shown on the field. A&M have taken care of business other than losing to Alabama – they beat SC by 45 a few weeks back – and are just a better overall football team. I’ll bet on the number 5 team with a one score spread any weekend. 

Iowa State vs West Virginia (+6.5)

Iowa State is the most overrated team in the power 5 conferences. I do not understand why they are ranked so high. If beating Texas helps your playoff stock this much then you might as well fly BYU down so the committee can take them seriously. West Virginia has the top Defense in the Big 12, only giving up 274 yards per game and have lost by an average of 8 points in their three losses this year – they keep it close . I would take WVU even if they were favored so I’ll take the 6.5 points and be on my way. 

BYU (-10) vs Coastal Carolina

Is this the year we finally get a non power 5 school in the playoff? It should be but this committee doesn’t seem to want to give into the fact that BYU is better than Iowa State and Miami – these teams suck. As someone who watches a lot of football, specifically for gambling purposes, I have watched BYU take care of business. Every damn week this team puts the work in. Coastal, as you may remember, ruined my parlay a few weeks back and this is personal. Other notes? Zach Wilson has a first round grade, BYU averages over 500 yards per game, and BYU beat a top 25 ranked Boise State team by 34 points. Coastal has talent but nowhere near the talent BYU has. Take my guys and get them a playoff berth!


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