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Parlays Are For Prima Donnas

Written by Rohm

December 5, 2020

In general, it’s a sucker bet. In other words, your odds of winning vs the payout don’t match.

So what’s a parlay? 

It’s basically combining a few bets you think are solid to get a bigger payout. All of your bets have to hit though. If one is wrong, you lose it all. 

This is attractive because of the big payday. When I’m used to maybe getting back $230 on a $100 bet, maybe a parlay gets me $1,000 instead. So instead of betting what I would or a “unit” on each of the 3 games I lock them up together.

Vegas and sportsbooks aren’t stupid. The math on you hitting these isn’t great. 

Sexy isn’t smart when it comes to sports betting. Yeah, it feels great when a longshot pays off. That’s the point. So you chase 5 more and lose whatever you made on the one you won. Every casino in the world hopes you think the next one is the big win. That’s what a parlay is. A jackpot mentality suck by the house.

Now if you can tease down the points, which will bring down your payday, I can get a little more on board. If you love 3 bets and you want to juice up your winnings, I can make a case for it. Otherwise you’re just dumping money away.

Why not bet heavy on the 3 games you like? If you win 2 of 3 you’re still at least a unit ahead.

I bet plenty of people will disagree with me. Fine. Fight me.

Tell me about all these crazy $5 20 team stringers you’ve won. Can you tell me how many you’ve lost? Do you keep track of your +/- on them? Neat. How’s your Peloton game? Fierce bruh.




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