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Ranking the Top 10 RB’s

Written by Johnny Walks

December 12, 2020


10. Clyde Edwards-Helaire: The rookie running back for the Chiefs has played outstanding and only adds to their already lethal offense. Although he has seen fewer touches, he is still a premier running back and will be for a long time. You can’t blame Andy Read for not calling his number a bunch in past weeks when your aerial assault led by Patrick Mahomes is doing so well.

9. Aaron Jones: Much like Clyde Edwards- Helaire, Aaron Jones has been great at being another weapon for an already massive arsenal on offense. Gaining more attention this year, Jones is on track to rush for another 1,000-yard season. Where he really stands out on the stat sheet is the avg. With over 5 yards per carry, he is a very explosive back.

Packers: Aaron Jones named FedEx Ground Player of the Week for Week 13
Photo Credit: Packers Wire

8. Josh Jacobs: The Raiders have been a very up and down team this year. They handed the Chiefs their only loss but almost lost to the Jets. When Jacobs plays well, the Raiders play well. Against the Chiefs, he had 77 yards; in the Saints game, he had 88 yards, the Eagles game, he ran for 130 yards, and a season-high vs. the Lions with 168 yards. Much like his starting QB, Derek Carr, Jacobs has been very inconsistent. Despite this inconsistency, he should be a long term option for the Raiders.

7. Ezekiel Elliot: With the loss of Dak Prescott, the star QB, the Cowboys needed to lean on Zeke more and more. His biggest problem has been his inability to hold on to the ball. He has two games with multiple fumbles that all came at costly times. Zeke has shored up his fumbling with only 1 since week 6, where he had two. They won’t make the playoffs, but Zeke is a bright spot on the struggling offense.

Ezekiel Elliott Stats, News, Bio | ESPN
Photo Credit: ESPN

6. Ronald Jones: Ro Jones has been great at times, one of the best offenses in the league. The primary running back in a two-headed attack Jones and Fornette have been great. A very elusive and quick runner, Jones has been able to dodge would-be tacklers and gain over 5 yards per carrying. His best game came from gainst Carolina, where he had nearly 200 yards and averaged over 8 yards per carry.

5. James Robinson: 3rd in attempts for runningbacks, James Robinson has been a much-needed crutch in the Jags horrendous offense. Three different QB’s have been under center for Jacksonville, and Robinson has been one of the only good things coming out of the backfield. Jags fans should be excited about the future because you have a great running back.

4. Alvin Kamara: By far the best receiving back in the league, Kamara, before his injury, was one of Drew Brees’ favorite targets. With Drew Brees Starting, he consistently put up anywhere from 60 to 130 yards receiving per game. With Taysom Hill at starting QB, Kamara’s receiving numbers have dropped, but he has shown us why he remains one of the best backs in the lead with his rushing stats. In the past three weeks, he averaged around 60 yards per game on about 13 carries.

Alvin Kamara Bio - Weight, Height & Salary
Photo Credit: Answers Africa

3. Nick Chubb: Nick Chubb has played great, especially in the past few weeks. In 3/4 of the last 4 weeks, he’s rushed for over 110 yards in and 80 in the other. Chubb is the most consistent back in the league and only has one game under 50 yards. Nick Chubb is a great runner; his body control, speed, and strength truly make him top 3.

2. Dalvin Cook: Cook and Henry could quickly flip flop as they are 1 and 2 in about every rushing category. He is first in TD’s (13) and second in yards with 1,250. Cook is fast and elusive and great at making explosive plays. He leads all rushers in yards per game with 113. Not to mention he has played 1.5 fewer games played than most running backs. If he got those 1.5 games back, he would undoubtedly be leading categories like rush yards and averages.

1. Derrick Henry: Much like Chubb, but better, his incredible strength makes any tackler scared to their bones. If his crazy power wasn’t enough, the 200 lb back (heaviest in the league) runs a 4.54 40 yard dash. He leads the league in rushing yards with 1,317 and second in TD’s (12). What might be the most impressive stat of his is he only has turned the ball over once. Henry also leads rushers in attempts with 271.

Derrick Henry Is the NFL's Best RB, But the Titans Shouldn't Re-Sign Him -  InsideHook
Photo Credit: Inside Look

-Johnny Walks


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