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We Deserve Better

Written by Rohm

December 14, 2020

Sportsbook apps suck worse than if Ian was writing the code and Andy was pushing.


Known Knowns

I’m old. To be more accurate. I’ve most likely been sports betting longer than anyone here. As in writing for this site.
I’ve also worked on a few successful mobile apps. Sorry to go full Ian, but this will make sense in a minute. 

Known Unknowns

I haven’t tried a ton of new apps for sports books recently. Maybe they’re better now. I don’t care. Stay with me.

Unknown Unknowns

Something really cool we don’t even know about.

So most betting apps and even websites are trash. I’ll give them that there’s a lot going on here. We’re dealing with rapid monetary transactions that have to be right. And the most important thing is that bets process and are accurate. 

I’ll also give them that things went 6 to midnight pretty quick. Sports betting went from underground to legal in about 5 minutes without a lot of warning.

A lot of casino/gambling corporations have/had a mobile division, but even asking those to suddenly handle real betting is and was a big ask.

We should back up for a moment for those of you who were trading Pokemon cards in the early 2000’s instead of taking part in the PokerStars revolution. America had a brief period of wild west online gambling that us adults dabbled in circa 2003. The fascists soon shut it down. We were allowed for a small window to bet our money and withdraw it.

There were problems with the sites scamming the odds. Check out Timberlake’s Runner Runner if you want a fantasy breakdown. Also the legality was always gray. Banks started shutting you down from depositing on the sites. Like I said, fascists. We did start selling our bankrolls to others for a premium though. Ian’s Ivy League education can help you with that whole supple and demand debacle.

Point being. I get it why they were behind. Once these sites were shut down they had to distance their legit operation from this sort.
Sites that rhyme with Covada that I may or may not be banned from have lived in this space for a while. The problem was always the cash out process. If you didn’t want to get added to an NSA list for cashing their random checks out of Singapore it’s a problem.

I will give the fore-mentioned website credit for building the basic framework. Can’t say that the cash out process didn’t make me feel like I was cleaning money for terrorists, but you do you. At some point I’ll link back in some definitions for terms some may not understand.

So why do they suck?

Our local casinos sportsbook doesn’t have an app in either store. You go to the casinos site and get a link to an Android APK to get their app. Neat…

Are Google and Apple blocking you from their stores? They probably haven’t figured out how to get their normal 30% rake. You read that right. 30%. All transactions made on an app or game on their platform they take 30 cents on the dollar from the creator. Since no money is ever paid back from normal app transactions it gets weird when a casino has to payback some percentage regardless of game.

Ok, fine. Maybe they’re blocked out from Steve Jobs and Vince Vaughn.

The point is we deserve nice things too. It’s really not that hard.


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