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Patrick Mahomes: What the Fan Boy Announcers Won’t Tell You

Written by Johnny Walks

December 17, 2020

You know him as the Golden Boy of Kansas City, the next MVP, and a future Hall of Famer! Everyone is a fan of Patrick Mahomes, especially the media. But I’m here to tell you he isn’t all that and a bag of chips. Well, he might be all that… but no chips.
First, we cover how to media and mostly announcers portray him. Watching the Miami Dolphins game, the lack of credibility given to Miami’s Defense is appalling. They put up about the biggest fight all year to Kansas City, and still, everyone’s only talking about the Chiefs. In the first quarter, the Fins shutout Kansas City and forced Patrick Mahomes into a frenzy. By far the best defensive quarter Patrick Mahomes has ever faced. He threw an int, dropped a snap, had the longest sack in history and another int. Patrick Mahomes played exceptionally poorly in this first quarter. He threw right into a D lineman (which caused a int), dropped a good snap, which almost cost a turnover, ran backward into a sack, and threw an awful pass directly into the defense. After all that, do you know what the announcers talked about? Not how well the Fins were playing, but how Patrick Mahomes only has a few ints on the year, and NONE of them thrown today were his fault. The fanboy atmosphere created around him is crazy. He can’t do wrong, according to the media. Even when he makes an awful read and pass the announcer gall to blame the runningback. He made mistakes this week, and I’m not saying he didn’t have a good game. I am saying that the Miami defense needs to be awarded for how great they played against the best offense we’ve seen in years. RG3, the idol of so many, said it best…

Robert Griffin III quote: You always give credit where credit is due - to...

Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Sammy Watkins, Le’Veon Bell, and a great offensive line are just SOME of the weapons Patrick Mahomes has to work with. Any quarterback in the league could do well with those weapons, even Mitch Trubisky. Tyreek Hill runs past any CB, and Travis Kelce is one of the best-contested catchers in the league! With all these weapons, it’s hard for him not to play well. He is a great quarterback but put him on the Jets, he wouldn’t have nearly as close of numbers. Must I repeat it? Credit where credit is due and the visa versa of that, little credit where a little credit is due.
To summarize, Patrick Mahomes is a great QB, but we must stop jumping on his bandwagon when he throws a TD to one of the best-receiving cores in the league. Applaud Miami for slowing him down and forcing 3 ints. # Not My MVP

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  1. Mimi

    Outstanding claim, evidence and reasoning by this writer. He got me thinking and I will listen this coming week more carefully


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