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Party Hard Bet Harder

Written by Johnny Walks

December 22, 2020

Ah yes, The College Football Playoff is upon us yet again. Although 2020 hasn’t been what we expected, we finish and start a year with one of the significant sporting events. My New Year’s resolution is to bet smart and lose minimal money. Why not start 2021 with some great picks?

Hammer the spread in Clemson’s favor. They are coming off a great win against Notre Dame, where they dominated The Fighting Irish. The Fighting Irish did give Clemson their first loss, but the loss isn’t very significant on further inspection of the game. To start, Trevor Lawrence, their STAR QB, was out with Covid, so they had to turn to a freshman, D.J. Uiagalelei. He played great with 439 passing yards and 2 TD’s, but they still missed Trevor Lawrence. Covid hit the Tigers much harder on the defensive side of the ball as 6 Linebackers were out, 4 Safeties, 4 D ends, etc. In total, I counted over 40 inactive in that Saturday night loss in OT. In the ACC rematch for the conference championship, the mostly-healthy Tigers dispatched Notre Dame 34 to 10. Clemson proved that when healthy, they are one of if not the best teams in the country.
Dabo Swinney ruthlessly mocked Ohio State and all credibility they hold dear by ranking them 11 in the coaches poll. He showed no mercy in the poll, nor will he on the field when they play. Although maybe a little exaggerated, Dabo’s seeding wasn’t far off. Ohio State revealed multiple chinks on their armor last week as they almost lost to Northwestern. They struggled to move the ball down the field, with Justin Fields struggling. He threw for only 114 yards and two interceptions. RIP his draft stock after that. It was only in the second half when they woke up and put points on the board (16). Against a much better Clemson team, they won’t be able to dig themselves out of holes; the Tigers score fast and consistently. Hammer Clemson with the same amount of swagger and confidence Dabo has.

Ah, Notre Dame, the best team at choking when it matters. The Fighting Irish suffer from terminal cold feet. Truly sad indeed, but not for us because we can capitalize on ND’s inability to play perform under the spotlight. The spread is currently around 19, and when it was released, it was about 25. Don’t touch it. I repeat, don’t touch this spread. There are too many variables to predict, like will Alabama pull Mac Jones from under center? Could Notre Dame shock everyone and not get destroyed? The 2 picks you SHOULD bet on is ML (+600) and the spread 65 (-106). Parlay both, which gives you total odds of +1300. I love this slip as both go hand in hand. One thing you can count on is Alabama putting up points. They are second in the country for points scored per game with 50. For all the mathematicians out there, Notre Dame needs to score about 2 Td’s. That’s it, 2 Td’s. Brian Kelly will choke along but still can put points on the board.
To recap, Clemson is a great football team and Trevor Lawrence especially. He’s going to look great in Jacksonville (@Jets fans). Notre Dame has frostbitten feet when it matters. Ohio State is a fraud. Dabo Swinney is the most confident man in America.

-Johnny Walks


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