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Colossal Castration of Coastal Carolina

Written by Rohm

December 23, 2020

Let’s start with the lousy bowl game they got at #12. They’re -7 or 7 1/2. Punch it. They are playing Hugh Freeze‘s Liberty Flames. Their only loss is a 1 pointer to #23 NC State. They were suppose to play 12/5, but had to cancel for COVID. What did Coastal Carolina do? Added #13 BYU (final #16) on 3 days notice. They also won that game.

Remember Hugh Freeze got fired for using his university phone to call escorts. He’s also a man of god. Amen. #PeopleDontForget

So why am I upset at what happened to the Chanticleers?

Also let’s Google what the hell a chanticleer is.

Let’s start with the easiest argument. Cincinnati.

No problem with the Bearcats being #8. I like their QB and Luke Fickell has came a long way from his interim year at Ohio State.

Who did Cincinnati beat? Tulsa (#24)? I’ll give you that SMU and Army were ranked at the time I believe. They also only played 9 games. Coastal Carolina is 11-0. Mind you, that’s with their rematch championship game getting canceled on them.

Who were they playing in the Fun (Sun) Belt championship? Louisiana (think they dropped the Lafayette). So the Ragin Cajun’s beat the now #10 Iowa State by 17 this year and it wasn’t even that close. They owned the Cyclones.

Holy Shit! It’s an actual belt! I love this conference so much.

Now Coastal Carolina and the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns played before this championship game. The Chanticleers won by 3. They also beat Arkansas State (4-7) by 30 who beat Kansas State, WHO BEAT Oklahoma! Iowa State also beat Oklahoma.

I know it’s a 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon explanation of who beat who, but still. 11-0 beating 2 now top 20 teams that have a resume.

If Iowa State is 10th with 3 losses because they’re loses are all ranked let’s talk about Coastal. They beat the team they lost to. Cincy is 8th without any of this. Then don’t give me the Indiana didn’t get in because of schedule or lack of games played.

It’s garbage. Do I think Coastal Carolina is a top 4 team? Probably not. Are people entertaining Cincinnati? Yes. Why? At least why over Coastal Carolina. The resume isn’t even close to comparable. 2 wins over now top 20 opponents compared to 1 at 24. With less games played. ANDDDDD the teams they beat who beat up on Iowa State and K State who both beat #6 Oklahoma. It’s ridiculous.

So next year they’ll get credit I suppose. The Boise State effect I guess. I know nothing is fair in college football, but give me some love.

Chanticleers -7 1/2 all day and twice on Ian’s birthday.





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