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A Christmas Miracle: Larry’s NFL pick of the Week

Written by Larry Von Feitzel

December 25, 2020

Larry Von Feitzel Delivering Locks to all the good boys and girls (December 2020 colorized)

Oh ladies and gentle mans, how I have missed betting with each and every one of you.  I have to say this time off has been not fun. I had to take some time off to pay the book.  Don’t worry I only lost money from taking the bets of my idiot roommates, not the bets I post on here those never lose ;).  I was only a few units down (100 give or take) and the bookie closed it on me.  What the hell! How does he think I’m gonna pay him back? Whatever I got him his money eventually.  However, I am a man of integrity.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night writing a blog that I didn’t bet myself.  So alas, I took a break from writing.  And for that I am sorry.  But no more.  Larry Von Feitzel is back at it and ready to ruin your bookie’s Christmas.

Today, I absolutely and whole heartedly LOOOOOOVE THE VIKINGS.  Now you might say, Larry the Vikings have been absolutely awful the last 2 weeks in losing to the Bears and the Bucs.  And that’s where I say you’re wrong,  those were two very winnable games that came down to a Hail Mary that was nearly completed and Dan Bailey.  Dan Bailey seems to have figured it out going 5/5 on kicks last week, but the real concern with the Vikings is the injuries.  Eric Kendricks and Kyle Rudolph being out is never good, but they haven’t played in 3 weeks so I have faith that the back ups have adjusted to being in the lineup and Zimmer can have them ready to go.

Tyler Conklin has been balling and I’m sure Irv Smith is looking to make up for dropping that game winning touchdown last week.  Dye and Davis being out while not Ideal, they weren’t going to stop Kamara anyway.  The only injury of real concern is CJ Ham and its looking like a game time decision.  He would be a big blow but if it’s Dalvin Cook one on one with Demario Davis, I’m still taking Dalvin to get a few extra yards after contact.  This game is really going to come down to the backs: Dalvin vs Kamara, and while Kamara is really good, and even under rated in my opinion, Dalvin Cook is just that dude. He’s built different.

Actual photo of the 2020 Saint’s secondary

The most important thing is that the Vikings match up with the Saints really well.  The Saints just don’t have the secondary to keep up with the Vikings pass game.  Even if Marshawn Lattimore could cover a true number one receiver like Justin Jefferson, he can’t also guard Theilen.  Malcom Jenkins is pretty good but he’s a washed version of himself and only a strong safety.  As long as Kirk isn’t throwing ducks he won’t be a factor.  Janoris Jenkins got cut from the Giants for a reason and don’t even get me started on Marcus Williams.  The best part about the Saint’s defense is their pass rush and the Vikings line has been healthy for a while so if there is a week for them to get it together its this week (excluding Dozier he’s a lost cause). 

Check out these Dozier Low lights from Luke Braun’s twitter, god he is bad

The biggest concern for me is obviously Cameron Jordan, but as long as he isn’t rushing straight at Dozier everything should be fine. Not to mention Trey Hendrickson is questionable today, the Vikings O-line should have a day.Most importantly is the Vikings defense will be ready for the Saints offense in this game.  Drew Brees wasn’t healthy last week against the Chiefs and on a short week I doubt he will be today.  Also his butt buddy Slant boy is still out.  Dantzler and Gladney will have a field day with him and Tre’Quan Smith being out.  Not to mention Nick Easton the Center for the Saint’s being out means the Vikings D line will be feasting. 

Last time these teams met (dramatized)

Lock it in: Vikings +225 @ Saints (don’t forget the stocking stuffer parlay of the money line and the under at 51 payout of 5.2U)


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