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Bath Boys Botch: Jordan vs. Lebron

Written by Rohm

December 29, 2020

First off, y’all don’t know Jordan. We get it you watched The Last Dance or some YouTube videos or something. Naw bud. Jordan was retired when Ian was 6.

Sure I didn’t see Kareem (6-4 finals) or Magic (5-4 finals) or Eljon Baylor (0-7). Kobe should be more involved in this conversation. Keep in mind he’s 5-2 in the finals. Also keep in mind Magic Johnson had to retire in his prime at 31.

Second, they aren’t the same type of player. Lebron is more Magic than Jordan. His ability to facilitate the game is something Jordan never did. He was a killer not a passer. Since he hit the game winner in the NCAA Finals at North Carolina vs. Patrick Ewing’s Hoyas we knew every shot that mattered was going in.

“Been to more” finals isn’t a great argument. Lebron is 4-6 in the finals. Jordan skipped 2 seasons that there should be very little argument the Bulls would have won those 2 years. So he would have been 8-0 and 8 in a row. Probably more if they kept the team together after 1998 when Jordan was still 34. Bill Russell won 11 and 8 in a row? It’s really not even about that.

The Cav’s Championship team was better than the Miami team. Kyrie Irving and they traded for Kevin Love. Love averaged a double double in Minnesota. He was easy a top 10 player. It was also in Game 7 (Jordan never got to a game 7 in the finals) and they had to mount an epic comeback to even win in 2016.

Retirement. Jordan missed seasons when 30 and played 17 games at 31. The prime of his career. Argue that he was suspended if you want. The retirement we accept at 34 (don’t count the 2 seasons for Washington). Lebron is 36 after his 4th title. Jordan also joined the league at 21 not 19 like Lebron. So length of career matters here. Not Lebron’s fault Jordan missed some years and retired early, but it’s an important point.

Jordan is a scorer. Lebron isn’t so much. Jordan averaged over 30 points in his career and for 8 seasons. Lebron has done it once in 2007-2008 (not a championship year). Assists and Rebounds are closer than I thought they would be. Lebron is such a larger human so rebounds make sense. Assists drive home my point that Lebron is more of a Magic type player.

If you did watch The Last Dance you would know the difference. Jordan is a fucking killer. Does not care about your feelings and would be hated in today’s cancel culture. No way he would survive social media. You saw that a bit with Kobe. Lebron is hated for stupid reasons. He left Cleveland because they weren’t giving him a team he could win with.

Every championship team is a “super team”. The Bulls had Pippen (top 10 if not 5 player) and Horace Grant, then later Rodman. Lakers had Kobe and Shaq, then Pau Gasol and Odom/Bynum. Spurs had Duncan and Parker/Ginobili, then Kawhi Leonard if the Bath Boys remember that. You have to have more than one great player to win a championship. Why people hate it is beyond me. The 80’s Lakers and Celtics were ridiculously talented and created the modern NBA. Stop hating greatness. If you had any concept of history you would know this is how it’s always been done. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and James Worthy were all on the same team. All Hall of Famers, NCAA Champions, and #1 picks. Each were “generational talents” as some say today. The supporting cast wasn’t bad either.

“That’s you, because you never won anything”. My Man.

Lebron is a phenomenal athlete. Ridiculously high basketball IQ. Maybe a better all around basketball player than Michael Jordan. The difference isn’t championships, it isn’t stats or numbers. Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever because he had what no one else has had (at least with his talent). Michael Jordan would rather die than lose to you. And if he ever did lose to you, hell has no fury like a Jordan dunked on.





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