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The 2020 Matlack Parlay Awards – The “Garcia’s” for short

Written by Matlack

December 31, 2020

With 2020 finally coming to an end, I have been reflecting on the end of the 2020 Matlack Parlay. There were ups, there were downs, and there multi paragraphs blogs once a week for my generally average picks. 

Below is the official Matlack Parlay record – the weeks are in line with the college football weeks: 

Week 6: 2-4

Week 7: 2-4

Week 8: 1-2

Week 9: 2-1

Week 10: 3-3

Week 11: 1-5

Week 12: 4-1 – like list hit

Week 13: 3-3

Week 14: 2-0-1 – winner with a push

Week 15: 1-2 

Overall: 21-25-1

A 45% win record was not what I was hoping for entering the year but all things considered, I am happy. Gambling in COVID means that at any time your mortal lock can be taken from you or the slate is limited to the point you have to turn your back on your principals and bet on teams you never would have considered in previous weeks. Also the parlay hit twice! How can I complain about that?

Seeing as it is the end of the year, it only feels right to hand out the first official “Matlack Parlay Awards” or more commonly known as the “Garcia’s” – named after my favorite college player. I have made up multiple categories, some good and some not so good and will be giving a brief description of why the award was deserved. 

The Heartbreaker Award

This award is pretty self explanatory and was no competition seeing as I wrote a massive blog about it in October. In gambling there are good days and there are days that make you want to delete the app. I had one such day earlier this season where after winning the first two legs of my parlay, things came crashing down on the 5 yard line. The Garcia goes to Coastal Carolina.

The Jim Harbaugh ATS Award

This award is in memory of Michigan’s legendary 78-0 rout of Rutgers in 2016, 71 of those points came before Rutgers had a single first down. Every year when looking back at the college football season there are one or two teams that go undefeated against the spread, the best team in college football some would say. There are teams that win and there are teams that cover and this award goes out to the latter- this team who was 7-0 against the spread and only appeared in my parlay one time(regrets). A scrappy team that did not win every game but kept every game close and if they had played a few more games could have seen themselves in a New Years 6 bowl. The Garcia goes to Indiana. 

The Hue Jackson We Knew They Were Bad Award

Hue Jackson is one of the worst football coaches in NFL history. Unfortunately for the Browns they decided to stick with him for three years even though the team on the field couldn’t win a single game in 2017. I’m not pretending to be a coaching talent evaluator but I can empathize with the feeling of “this has to be better this year right? It can’t be worse than it’s been in the past”. In betting terms that means putting money on a program you know is terrible but feel could be slightly average early in the year. The opposite of the JH award this goes out to a terrible college football program that I bet on in the first week, I assumed that with their new high profile coach, Les Miles, they would start to change their fortunes and start off strong. Week one was the last time I bet on them and for the season they went a Division 1 low of 1-7 ATS, the Garcia goes to Kansas. 

The Fool Me Twice Shame on Me Award

Every year there are one or two teams that you want to be back in the mix for the college football playoff. They are powerhouse programs like Texas or USC who have been great in the past but just can’t seem to find a way back to top notch college football. As a lifelong college football fan I remember growing up watching these great teams and it clouds my vision when evaluating lines each week for my Parlay. Generally if a team burns me once I will be hesitant to bet on them again but these teams give me that warm and fuzzy feeling, they make me think “they will turn it around” every week simply because of the logo on their helmet. This award winner lost me two parlays on the last leg of the day, to make matters worse one of those losses was against Clemson who decided to not cover spreads this year. The Garcia goes to Miami and luckily I learned my lesson and bet against them in their bowl game and won some money. 

The When in Doubt Award
It is hard to do a “team of the year” in sports betting because there are so many variables. Do you give it to the team who won you a lot of money? The team that you wish you bet more on? Or even a team that covered in the third leg the one time you bet on them? This award is a culmination of all three and goes to a team who I won some money on, who I wish I bet more on, and was top 5 ATS the spread in 2020. Really what this award comes to is when in doubt, when you can’t think of who else to bet on, who do you put your money on/who did I put my money on this year specifically. The Garcia goes to Alabama and to Coach Saban for somehow putting together another savage team.


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