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Midday Parlay: NFL Week 17

Written by shadowhedging

January 3, 2021


The final week of the NFL season is here, which means it’s your last chance to profit from the Midday Parlay (patent pending). Here is what the magic 8 ball told me.

Giants +1.5 (-110) vs Cowboys

Oh boy the race for division leader in the worst division I have ever witnessed in the 23 years of watching football is really coming down to the wire. The winner of this game will win the NFC East provided the Washington Football Team loses against the Eagles on Sunday night. The Cowboys have been heating up but suffered some setbacks leading up to the final game of the season. Safety Darian Thompson will not be returning for week 17 due to a concussion while defensive tackle Justin Hamilton will not be participating due to testing positive for COVID. They will also be missing three assistant coaches to add to their misfortune.

Browns ML (-425) vs Steelers

Mason Rudolph will be starting against the Browns which basically guarantees another fight (hopefully to the death this time) and a Pittsburgh loss. However, I’m not convinced the Browns are good enough to cover the 10 point spread given, especially if they show up as the same team that just lost to the Jets. The odds are not good, but well worth it for a lock in a 7 game parlay.

Jets +3 (-110) vs Patriots

Last time around, New England clung to a 3 point victory against the New York First Pick Squanderers. Recently, the Jets have been trending upwards – beating the Browns and the Rams in the last two weeks – while the Patriots just cannot figure out why they wanted Cam Newton in the first place.

Lions +4 (-110) vs Vikings

Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook will not be attending this week’s game against the Lions and believe it or not, that’s the least of their worries. Their injury report lists 6 players out and their kicker as questionable; so long as Matthew Stafford is able to play through his thumb pains the Lions have a good chance at winning.

Falcons +6.5 (EVEN) vs Buccaneers

In their last five games, the Falcons have lost by 5 or less. This includes a crushing victory over the Raiders and losing to the Chiefs by only 3. In fact, two weeks ago they lost to the Buccaneers by only 4. The Falcons keep it close, so expect them to do the same again this week.

Ravens -14 (-105) vs Bengals

The Ravens control their own destiny and will secure a playoff spot with a win. THIS IS NOT THE 2017 BENGALS. They will not ruin anything this year.

Bills -1.5 (-115) vs Dolphins

It seems like Josh Allen will not be resting this week and will instead lead the Bills in an attempt to secure the No. 2 seed in the AFC. If this is the case, expect him to continue to sling it. “Shad-man, but they’ve only lost to the Chiefs in their last 5 games.” First of all, shut up. Secondly, don’t trim that stat; you lost to the Chiefs and the Broncos in the last 6 games. And finally, the Dolphins have won 4 of their last 6 games, which sounds impressive until you take a look at who they’ve beaten: Raiders, Patriots, Bengals, and Jets. The Dolphins will lose this game and their playoff spot.

Follow my parlay advice and you’ll win $617 for a $10 investment. Less risk and more payout than putting the same amount into cryptocurrency. Actually, do me a favor and throw $10 into Dogecoin while you’re at it.



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