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Dear Dolphins: A Love Letter To The Organization

Written by Johnny Walks

January 13, 2021

It was a fantastic season. As a reasonably new Dolphins fan (2 seasons), this year was indeed an affirmation of why I chose to join the Miami fan base. From characters like the singing DT, Christian Wilkins, to the fashion model, Ryan FitzMAGIC, it was easy to root for the aqua and orange. The season ended abruptly and brutally with the rather painful loss to our divisional rivals, the Bills, in week 17. The 70 % chance of making the playoffs was false hope as the Colts, Ravens, Bills, and Browns won in the final week of the regular season. While missing the postseason may seem lackluster and frustrating to the Fins, the future brings hope that outshines the result of the 20′ season. Miami has one of the brightest futures in the league.

Brian Flores is easily top three in head coaches out of the 32. Going 10-6 with one of the more challenging schedules out there is no small feat for any team but only doing with one pro bowler is impressive. What Brian Flores accomplished this season is legendary, and it isn’t spoken about because they missed the playoffs, which is criminal. Ten wins with only one pro bowler is amazing, but the injuries they suffered early and often indeed added to their Cinderella story. They had to rely on three rookies on the offensive line for most of the year, Wr’s like Jakeem Grant, Devante Parker, Rb’s like Myles Gaskin, Matt Breida, all missing considerable time. Many key skill players were in and out of the injury tent on both sides of the ball, but Coach Flores took each injury with stride.

The offense did show glimmers of great football, but it was the defense that won games. Last year they were last in overall defense according to Football outsiders, and this year they are 11. They are first in takeaways (29), fifth in points allowed with 21.1 (first if it wasn’t for those meddling Bills), and above-average in just about every other recordable stat. Considering they are one the best defenses in league with only one Pro Bowler (Xavien Howard) is incredible.

The offseason will be huge for the young Fins, with talk of trading for Deshaun Watson, signing Allen Robinson, two first-rounders (3 and 18), along with the 7th largest cap space the Fins are looking to bring some big names to South Beach.

To conclude, I’d like to give some advice to Brian Flores and Chris Grier.

  1. Do not draft Penei Sewell; he is too slow to play tackle instead of trying to sign tackle Trent Williams.
  2. Trade the Panthers for their 8th overall pick and their 2nd or 3rd round pick. This allows them to draft a QB like Zach Wilson out of BYU. At eight draft the Heisman Winner and best WR in the class, DeVonta Smith.
  3. Sign WR Chris Godwin from free agency. Devante Parker is only getting older, and it became noticeable this year, especially as he suffered from multiple injuries.
  4. Keep Tua under center. From when he became the starter early in the season to Week 17, Tua gained confidence and skills. If you bring in more talents to surround him, he will be a Pro Bowler.
  5. Do not sign any other RB’s; Myles Gaskin is your guy. When Gaskin started, the Fins were 6-1. Accompanied by his fellow Husky, Salvon Ahmed is a solid #2 RB.

-JJ Walks


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