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Best and Worst NFL Futures

Written by Johnny Walks

January 30, 2021

First for the good,
With two first-rounders, the Dolphins are primed to bring in some young talent to surround young Tua. Yes, I said, Tua. Not Deshaun or Ryan Fitzmagic. Tua improved massively over the season and the offseason will be a great time to continue that progression. A major problem with the Dolphins was play-calling. We don’t know yet who the OC will be but that’s another reason why the Fins are to be looked out for. They’re set on defense with only a few players becoming free agents. Cap Space-wise they are 8th in the league at 25k they can sign a major Wide Receiver. Potentially they could have Devonta Smith Wide Reciever #1, Allen Robinson #2, Devante Parker #3, and Jakeem Grant #4. Explosive.

Brian Flores coming into his own as he enters second year as Miami Dolphins  coach - South Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Credit: Sun Sentinel

The Bills have a great defense, a franchise QB, a great coach, and solid receivers. Although they won’t be able to sign any big names during free agency, they don’t need to. They shouldn’t touch their defense and the offense is only missing a few keys. Keys like running back and wide receiver. Devin Singletary was good this year with 700 yards, but they don’t have a solid second option. Wide receiver is where they really should focus on improving. Stefon Diggs lived up to the hype around him this year with 1500 yards receiving. The problem with having a great #1 Wide receiver is often the defense will double and shadow him all day so you have to turn to your #2 guy. Cole Beasley was great this year proving that at 31 years old and with a broken leg he is still great. He is getting older however and it’s time to look at the future after Beasley. Their #3 Wide receiver, John Brown, is in a similar boat as Cole Beasley at the ripe age of 30. They are Super Bowl Contesters next year if they can pick up another solid option for Josh Allen.
The Jags have a very “up in the air” future. Urban Meyer is an interesting hire as many College to NFL coaches don’t work out. They have the first pick in the draft and with it most they’ll pick up Trevor Lawrence. Accompanied by the first overall pick Urban is welcomed with the biggest Cap Space in the League with 72 mil. Urban must be like a kid on Christmas with those gifts welcoming him. On the bad side for Jacksonville, the defense needs a complete rebuild. Other than linebackers Joe Schobert and Myles Jack, the Jags are next to the Jets in almost all defensive stats: last.
It took Tyrod Taylor to get stabbed for Justin Herbert, The Chargers prized draft pick, to see the field which pretty much sums up the season for LA. They had no idea what they had until too late in the season. They had a solid amount of cap space with about 20k. This is a great opportunity to add some talent around Justin Herbert and WR Keenan Allen. They should look to sign some defensive playmakers because the offense is good. A great sign would be Carl Lawson to help Joey Bosa.

The Chargers' doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor's lung with a  needle -
Credit: SB Nation

Now for the bad,
This past year was do or die for New Orleans, they needed to win this year or bust. It’s Tom Brady representing the NFC so the Saints busted. With the least amount of cap space in the league with NEGATIVE 112 mil, the Saints will have to disassemble their squad. Not to mention their long-time superstar QB, Drew Brees is thinking of retiring. If I was Sean Payton I would do exactly what the Cleveland Indians did in the movie, Major League. Sign players who are older but their talent is still there, they just need some motivation! In all likeliness, this won’t happen and the Saints are not going to win more than 5 games in the upcoming season.

Credit: Goats

The Lions are in a similar boat to the Jags; except they don’t have the cap space, no first overall pick, and didn’t hire well. Dan Campbell isn’t a good hire! Bill Belicheck makes everyone look good. As for QB, they don’t have one, Mathew Stafford is begging to get out of Detriot and escape the ship before they hit the ocean floor (aka where the Jets lie). They have a few weapons on offense with Marvin Jones at WR and D’Andre Swift at RB. The worst part of the Lions’ future is their schedule and the fact they have to play the Packers, Bears, and Vikings all twice next year and forever. Depending on their QB situation, the Lions won’t win over 6 games next year.
Starting with the offense Matt Ryan is no longer an elite QB and Todd Gurley proved that he was only good under Sean McVay. Julio Jones is retiring if not this year next for sure. One injury and he’s done for the season and most likely his life. The defense is where they remain the weakest. Letting up over 400 yards per game the Falcons struggled against even sub-par passing attacks. Arthur Smith at Head Coach matches the already shaky offense. As the former Titans OC, it will be interesting to see how well Todd Gurley and the Falcons run game is. They have a few solid pieces on both sides of the ball but not nearly enough to make a whole puzzle, AKA a winning record.

To conclude, most sports books have very favorable odds on team futures. Before this season Chad OchoCinco cashed in. So why not you too?



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