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Way too early AFC Divisional Champions

Written by Johnny Walks

February 13, 2021

NFC East: As much as it pains me to say, the Bills will win back to back divisional titles. With a predicted record of 11-5, Buffalo has a much easier first half of the season than the last. They wrap up playing both Tampa Bay and Tennessee as away games. Their young team is up for the challenge and, although they might not go undefeated, will go deep into the playoffs and might make a run at the Super Bowl.

Everyone talks about the hype around Patrick Mahomes, but another young QB is coming out of the AFC, Josh Allen. From his rookie season in 2019 to the playoffs of 2020, Allen has improved more than any other QB. His deep ball accuracy is has improved tremedously, nearly flawles and his reads are much the same as that facet has also improved. With an excellent WR core featuring Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley, Allen is right where he needs to be to win. Win they will, and regardless of whom they draft or offseason team swapping, the Bills are my favorites to win their division despite the Fins’ best efforts.

AFC North: This is a toss-up, but much to Bath Boy Ian’s delight, it will be the Lamar Jackson led Ravens. Their main competitor will be the Steelers, who won the North last season. The Ravens are opposites to that of the Steelers. They have a young quarterback who they are building around, Lamar Jackson. The one area the Ravens especially need to focus on is WR. To put it bluntly, Marquise Brown shouldn’t be on the field except in dire situations. He isn’t good. From dropping passes to running the wrong route, Brown has shown how unreliable he truly is. They need to look for other options this offseason, and I trust they will. With the 27th overall pick in this year’s draft, I hope Baltimore goes with the WR out of LSU. No, not Ja’Marr Chase, the other WR, Terrance Marshall Jr. With 13 TD’s in and ten more in 2020, Marshall has that big-play ability, not to mention he had a spectacular 75 TD catch.

AFC South: The AFC South will be a more open and shut case as to who wins. The Titans will continue to dominate, seeking revenge on the rest of the AFC. With the Colts out of the way as their QB, Phillip Rivers retired mere weeks ago, the Titans have no real competition. The only other fathomable competition is the Texans. Tennessee shouldn’t lose sleep over them, though, because Deshaun Watson is demanding a trade just like most stars in Houston. He went so far as to say he will sit out the season if his demands aren’t met. Like the Colts, the Jags are out of the way, and that only leaves the poor Jags. Much like when a boxer warms up against a dummy, the Jags will get poorly beaten with no sign of returning any blows.

AFC West: Chiefs. Even more of a closed case than the South Division, the K.C. Chiefs are a lock. They shouldn’t have their sights on the playoffs for next year because they should win the Super Bowl with the squad they have now. K.C. doesn’t have an especially week position. They are great on offense and much the same on the defensive side. If I were them, I would trade my first-round pick (31) to a team that will sell their future for a chance at the playoffs this year. A team like The Rams, who want to win now and are already giving out first-rounders like candy on Halloween (Ex. Goff/ Stafford deal). Trade them for their first-round draft pick in a few years. You don’t need it! That way, down the road, when they are losing stars due to cap space, K.C. can set themselves up for success. Steven A said it best, “Contenders shouldn’t worry about draft picks, they already have a star team.”



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