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Way Too Early Predictions: NFC Divisional Champions

Written by Johnny Walks

February 20, 2021

NFC East: Eagles, yes they went 4-11-1 last year but they found a gem in their backup QB. In last year’s draft, they used their 53rd overall pick to draft, Jalen Hurts, the National Champion, and star out of Oklahoma. In the few games he started he threw for over 1k yards 6 TDs and 4 interceptions along with rushing for over 350 yards and 3 TDs. He is the future of football in Philly. Carson Wentz, as of the 18th became the latest member of the Colts’ Franchise in a forseeable trade. As for the Eagles, they are tasked with one of, if not the easiest of schedules. Other than Tampa Bay and the Chiefs, their hardest opponent will be the Chargers which is a winnable game for the Eagles.
This might be a stretch, but I have the Eagles reversing their record from last year and going 11-5. Granted they will have to win the tough ones but I project them with double-digit wins and possibly a bye week in the playoffs next year.
NFC North: Packers, My heart goes out to Aaron Rodgers as the devastating conclusion to his season was out of his hands. The Packers offensive scored 26 on the same Tampa Bay defense that held the Chiefs to a measly nine. To put it simply, Aaron Rodgers should leave Green Bay but won’t, sadly. The franchise as a whole will continue to dominate the NFC North. The Bears could be trouble, however, with their crumbling offense and a defense that goes up and down like a roller coaster, they shouldn’t be anything the Packers can’t handle. The Packers are looking mediocre but in the NFC North, that is more than enough to win the division. They should finish with double digit wins agian next year.
NFC South: Buccaneers, that was an awful Super Bowl, even for people that bet on the Bucs, like me. It was so hard to watch because of how dominant Tampa Bay was. They birthed a franchise that day and until Tom Brady hangs it up, they will stay the “big brother” of the NFC South. They have the best overall team the NFL has seen in a while. They have the best receiving core, top 3 in RBs , 2nd best QB, the best O line, best LBs, and all-around a top 5 defense.

Image result for squidward panhandling
Saints right now

Yes, the Saints went into the playoffs and played well but the squad that got them there won’t be recognizable next year. They are millions of dollars in cap debt and will have to rely on budget players to suit up. Drew Brees is far out of his prime and a sign of that was his inability to throw over 20 yards downfield. They need the Browns budget women from the movie, Draft Day, to save them.

NFC West: Rams, If the Rams had not traded Jared Goff for Mathew Stafford, they wouldn’t have been my predicted champs. With Mathew Stafford now on the team, they will finish on top of the West. Their defense is set and should stay the same as it was before the offseason. On offense, they aren’t great but the Stafford addition is a good one. Cam Akers is a great back and will be for a long time. One area that they should improve upon is coaching. Sean McVay needs to get batter at play calling. Having watched many of their games, Sean McVay isn’t utilizing his playmakers as he should be offensively. For instance, Jared Goff was the best play-action QB in the league last year but only later in the season did the Rams start to get more creative with the playbook.
The Rams play in one of the most competitive divisions but every other team has a major problem that will plague their win, loss column. The Cardinals are too young and although they have a bright future, they need to grow up next year, and only in the 2023 season will they be contenders in the NFC. The 49ers are an interesting team. They flirt with being awful to being good almost weekly but can never land that second date with being good. Finally, the Seahawks are as sorry as they come. Seattle needs a culture change but that won’t happen. They love Russ and Pete Carrol too much to even whisper change but until Pete Carrol leaves, they won’t win a divisional title. As the oldest coach in the League, it has been shown by his record and lack of change. It became apparent that he was simply too old and is too old to be a coach in today’s league.

Image result for sad pete carroll
“JJ really just flamed me”


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