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The most fun NBA teams to watch

Written by Johnny Walks

February 23, 2021

Before I go on my ramble, this post is dedicated to the King, Bobby Shurmda. Congrats on getting out!

The NBA has become a joke in recent years and especially this season. With more and more players just trying to get to the foul line than play fundamental basketball, it’s no puzzle why ratings are down. In the 1960s and 70’s the most attempts from the free-throw line was around 700 by one player. Now, the number of most attempts is around 800 to 900 attempts from the line. The game has changed and I wish for the better but it has evolved in the opposite direction. If Bill Laimbeer or any of the “Bad Boy Pistons” played in today’s league, they would be arrested. The league’s gone soft and although that isn’t changing, there are still teams that play hard and are fun to watch. Here is my list of NBA teams that are still worth watching.

  • Utah Jazz. Their name does them justice as when they’re on the court it’s sweet music. They play with a rhythm that can’t be replicated. The reason they’re top of the west isn’t because of their big-name players although it might help. The reason for their success is their ability to play as a real team. Donavan Mitchell scoring 24 ppg and Rudy Gobert shadowing the best big men in the league help their chances of winning tremendously. But their non-stars get it done on both sides of the court. Mike Conley quietly plays 30 mins and scores 16 points a game, Joe Ingles comes off the bench and drops 12 points a game, and the rest of the team all are consistently good players. The Jazz remain my favorite to win the Finals because of how great their bench is. Going deep into the playoffs you need a good bench to play in those game sixes or sevens.
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Credit: Forbes
  • Heat. The Heat is a great team to bet on because of how hard they play on both ends. The most underrated player in the NBA, Bam Adebayo reminds you of why basketball is great. He plays through every play on offense and defense regardless of the score. He hustles on rebounds and is a bully in the paint. As for the rest of the team, they play like the Jazz, rhythmic and together. Another star on the Heat is of course Jimmy Buckets, another underrated defender and player all around. He isn’t scared to match up against anyone, big or small. They are also fantastic beyond the arc with two young sharp shooters, Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro.
Image result for heat nba
Credit: Miami News Times
  • Lebron. I know I said “team” but he is too good to exclude. His game has changed more than any other player. The KING is in better shape at 36 than most 20-year-old rookies. He has gone from being an okay three-point shooter to one of the most deadly, chase off the line, snipers. He is just incredible to watch as his control over the game is mesmerizing. Lebron can slow the game down or speed it up and score almost effortlessly. Can you tell I’m a fan of the King? I had the chance to catch Lebron in action when he first moved to LA and his game is addicting to watch. He is a true artist with his craft and is the definition of a leader. With AD on and off the court, Lebron has needed to step up both on offense and defense, and boy has he. He truly makes the players around him play better.
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Credit: The Boom Box

Unfortunately, that concludes the list. Sadly the NBA isn’t what it once was but enjoy the short selection above and tune in! On a serious note, if you could watch a few NBA games a week it would help the league maintain their contracts with the TV providers. At the rate the NBA is at now, they won’t have any nationally televised games in a few years other than the Finals. 



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