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Jose Vs. The World

Written by Johnny Walks

March 1, 2021

Many know of Dennis Rodman, the man that is best friends with Kim Jong Un, married to himself, and of course a five-time NBA Champion. Story swapping would seem impossible with this ludicrous man, but there is one individual who might have him beat with an even crazier life story: Jose Conseco. His accolades are illustrious, but none the less the list is below…
Other than several awards, he also has some crazy life stories and experiences. Here’s my list of just some of the wildest things he’s done.
Lady Problems. Jose Conseco has had two wives and one of which he hit with his car. Tough stuff as he was later charged with domestic abuse. After both divorces were settled he had to pay about 15 mil. A bright part of this dark part of his life was his daughter. As shown below, you can see that she is a bright spot not only for the marriage but also for her 1.2 million followers on Instagram every time she graces their feed.

Who Is Josie Canseco? 5 Facts About Brody Jenner's Rumored New Lover –  Hollywood Life
Her instagram is @JosieConseco

He is an established author. In 2005, he wrote a book, Juiced, that he now regrets writing. In said book, he calls by name many steroid users throughout the league. In doing so, he received a lot of backlashes.

Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big  (9780060746414): Canseco, Jose: Books -
“Juiced” did not fly off the shelves

He is the fastest athlete, and possibly the fastest person of all time. In his book, he spoke about running a 40-yard dash in 3.9 secs. Now I won’t call him a liar but the fastest NFL 40 time is held by John Ross at 4.22 secs. I simply don’t believe that.
He asked for a tryout via Twitter. After stating he was “Black- Balled” from the MLB he took to Twitter and came at the Oakland A’s. “Sandy Alderson please give me a chance to play first base, even just a tryout.” Needless to say, this didn’t work.
He introduced steroids into the MLB. Later calling himself the “God Father of steroids” he and Mark McGwire dubbed themselves as the “Bash Brothers”, shot up and blasted baseballs into the record books hitting 600 home runs in Oakland between the two.

Watch Looney Tunes: Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote | Prime Video
Pictured above: Jose Runs 3.9 40-Yard Dash

The Super Street Fighter. In a Miami nightclub in 2001, Jose and his brother Ozzie got in a fight. When it was all said and done the duo, broke one persons’ nose and another was so badly hurt that they needed 20 stitches. He was charged with two counts of aggravated battery.

Crime In Sports on Twitter: "Episode 112!! A crazy tale of non-stop  arrogance, and stupidity. He always seems to say the wrong thing, and do  the even dumber thing, resulting in embarrassment,

He hates a lot of people. One of which is Alex Rodrigez because he accused Alex of cheating on his wife, Madonna. The feud is still going strong as we saw this valentines day.

Another man he has a huge feud with is Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports. When he fought an intern, Billy, on Rough n’ Rowdy he was accused of throwing the fight. Why he would do this is unknown but the purpose was unneeded to start an all-out fight against Mr. Portnoy and all of the Barstool.

Article written by The Sun

A Star was Born. It was as if he was made for the screen. Jose Conseco was on several TV shows and his biggest role came on the show, “The Surreal Life.” The show’s premise was to put single celebrities together and see what happens. Canseco’s top quote from that season: “Oh, yes. I think I’m going to have to victimize these ladies.”

Watch The Surreal Life | Prime Video
Jose pictured top right

His second appearance on screen was in a movie called, “Stripper’s Ball.” Yes, it did get a whopping 21% on Rotten Tomatoes but, I consider it to be a must-watch! Even Dennis Rodman makes an appearance. Dennis Rodman Strippers Ball: Movies & TV

Drug Mule? In 2008 Jose Conseco attempted to smuggle fertility drugs across the U.S. border from Mexico. After years of steroid use, he was only trying to be a father. The U.S. judicial system didn’t see it with much mercy as they gave him a year of probation.

MLB's steroid era ground zero was Oakland A's clubhouse
“Bash Bros”

That concludes the list of Jose Conseco’s wildest events in his life. I leave you with this photo of him letting a homerun hit his head and then bounce over the wall. A true career highlight.

May 26, 1993: Jose Canseco and the head-assisted home run | Sporting News



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