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Big Ben? More Like Big Chump

Written by Johnny Walks

March 10, 2021

PitBull, Eli Manning, and Chris Evans are just a few of the aging celebrities who are the same age as Big Ben. At 40 years old, Big Ben has taken a dive in overall health and play. He has always been a bigger guy, at 6’5 and over 240 he has been able to stay relatively healthy for his 17 years in the league. The sad truth for Steelers fans is that there is no stopping the clock and Big Ben’s time has come to an end. As Pitsburg royalty, Ben, can’t leave without a fight because he has been their “guy” forever. Whether royalty or not, he has to go. From his aging body and inability to move, accuracy dropping, and overall health.

The NFL has transformed in recent years. Pioneers from the GOAT Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, and Donovan McNabb have made the mobility of the QB a necessity. Now, even the “pocket Qb’s” have to be able to scramble. Even Aaron Rodgers has been known to tuck it and run, along with Tom Brady the ultimate pocket Qb. These players were able to change and evolve with the times, mostly because of how in-shape and fit they are. Big Ben is not one of the Qb’s. He can’t scramble for those vital 5 or 6 yards that teams nowadays need. Having rewatched many of the Steelers games while I sit in AP US History, I have seen that his inability to scramble has been the Steelers’ downfall in key games because he only runs just over 1 time per game. He does a tuck and run at times, but when it happens; he manages only a couple yards when a more mobile QB like Lamar Jackson would gain 20 plus.

Big Ben’s knees are crumbling before our very eyes. This only makes it harder to be mobile but also affects all facets of his game. According to Sports Injury Predictor, Big Ben has an astounding 75% chance of being injured next season and will miss a predicted 4 games next year. Missing 1 quarter of games is awful and in comparison to Aaron Rodgers, even worse. Rodgers has a much lower injury chance at 17% next year and will miss an estimated 0.3 games next year. Big Ben is “very high risk” for an injury next year with six major areas that aren’t 100% healthy, as shown below:

Sports Injury Predictor

Even when healthy, Big Ben isn’t a good QB. I cringed every time he threw a deep pass, his accuracy is comparable to a rookie, Josh Allen. According to Player Profile, Ben ranks third in deep ball attempts (passes over 20 yards) but 31 in deep-ball completion. He also is ranked at 22nd in the league at catchable pass rate, 76.3% but has the second-best protection rate, 91.6%.

Player Profile

After Antonio Brown left, it was acceptable to say he lost talent around him. This is true to a point but the talent around him now is unbelievably underrated. Chase Claypool, JuJu, Ray Ray Mcloud, Diontae Johnson, just to name a few, are targets he has on any given play. That receiving squad makes me a Dolphins fan, salivate with just the thought of those players.
Big Ben, isn’t a good quarterback. If he remains under center for the Steelers, they won’t make the playoffs. With that being said, the Steelers have virtually no cap space at about 5 million. So little cap space means, they won’t be able to sign any good backup QB’s and will have to rely on Mason Rudolph when Big Ben gets hurt. Sorry Steelers fans!

Ben Roethlisberger Wears A Funny Hat After Steelers Lose To Broncos



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