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March Madness 2021: The Women’s Elite 8

This is also the final week of the Women’s College Basketball season and what a season it has been! My bracket is fully busted after I lost my second championship game team in Maryland. Texas pulled a wild upset and hung with the Terps throughout. Maryland could not hit a 3 to save their lives either. That brings us to tonight and the Elite 8, which features teams making their first appearnce ever (Indiana and Arizona) and teams that have not made it here in a long time (Texas). Let’s take a look at these incredible matchups!

Baylor vs. UCONN

In a matchup worthy of being a Championship game, Baylor takes on Connecticut in the Elite 8. The Lady Huskies have looked unbeatable as of late and have even been reminding me of their unbeatable days with their play. The Lady Bears have looked just as dominant. The difference, to me, will be in the rebounding department. Baylor averages almost 50 rebounds per game, while UConn averages just over 40. Second chance points will be huge if Baylor wants to beat their postseason rival tonight.

The Huskies will need to keep it close on the glass, but play stout defense in order to win this game. They will need a huge night from freshman Paige Bueckers as well. They are certainly able to do that and if they do, they will not only keep it close like Michigan did, but they will win and make another Final Four appearance.

I am taking UConn in this matchup. Michigan is a good team, but Baylor struggled against the Wolverines. I believe that laid a blueprint as to what UConn needs to do in order to be successful tonight. I am taking the Lady Huskies to win and cover their -4 spread.

Indiana vs. Arizona

Two first timers are facing off in the biggest game of their lives so far. The Hoosiers and Wildcats have never been to an Elite 8 until tonight. Nerves will definitely play a factor at some point as they always do in sports, but once the first 2-3 mintues have passed, both teams will settle into their gameplans and execute.

The Hoosiers are coming off of a fantastic performance against NC State. They shot the ball well, rebounded well, and forced a lot of turnovers. They will need to do the same thing tonight if they hope to make their first ever Final Four. The Hoosiers will also need to shoot much better from 3 point land. 2-14 will not cut it this evening if they want to make it past the Wildcats.

Arizona did exactly what they needed to against Texas A&M. The Aggies were struggling, and Arizona pounced. Despite being outrebounded, they shot lights out from 3, forced almost 20 turnovers, and shot well from the field overall. They will need to bring that same style and energy against the Hoosiers if they want to advance to their first ever Final Four.

Both teams are playing fantastic basketball right now and this could potentially be the game of the night. I expect both teams to let it fly tonight as well and take some chances to win. Indiana enters as a -2.5 point favorite, but I am going to have to go with the upset and take Arizona in this one. I like their up-tempo style of play and I see them making a few more plays to get the job done tonight. Look for the difference to be in 3 point shooting and turnovers. I think Arizona will pull away just enough at the end to make their first ever Final Four tonight for those reasons.

This women’s tournament has been just as chaotic and ever more chaotic at times than the men’s! It has been a lot of fun to watch and I am excited for tonight’s games! Good luck with your bets and have a great week!

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